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Human Torsos Models

ScienceLab offers a full line of Human Torsos Models, Laboratory Equipment and Chemicals for any application from clinical to research. We also carry a wide range Educational Products, pH meters, microscopes, thermometers and digital scales.

KnowBody Teaching Torsos (75-0708-00)

Hand-painted with vivid contrasting colors to add emphasis and enhance instructional value. Both torsos include: Eyeball with extraocular muscles Four-part half-brain...

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KnowBody Teaching Torsos Thumbnail Photo
Hands-On Take Apart Torso (75-0830-08)

Students will learn as they remove, study, and replace the 10 detachable parts of this full-size torso. Features removable half brain and internal viscera. An anatomy curriculum in itself, with...

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Hands-On Take Apart Torso Thumbnail Photo
Multi-Torsos (75-0712-00)

Male, Female with Mammary Gland, and Female with 12-Week Pregnancy. Fifty-five dissected structures, 33 detachable parts. This is the three-in-one configuration with musculature. Comes...

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Heavy-Duty Torso Carrying Bag (75-0702-00)

Fits ANY full size torso regardless of brand. Perfect for storing your torso and for transporting it. This heavy duty, fully padded carrying bag with two handles and full length zipper...

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Heavy-Duty Torso Carrying Bag Thumbnail Photo
1st Trimester Pregnancy Insert with Removable 12-Week Embryo (75-0719-E)

Includes 3-Parts, bisected reproductive structures with external genitalia, and features a removable 12-week embryo. Compatible with all Multi-Torso configurations, each pelvic insert rests on...

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1st Trimester Pregnancy Insert with Removable 12-Week Embryo Thumbnail Photo
3rd Trimester Pregnancy Insert (75-0719-P)

Compatible with all Multi-Torsos; simply extract original pelvic insert (sexless, female, or male), and substitute pregnancy insert. Consists of two-part uterus, removable fetus (7-month),...

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3rd Trimester Pregnancy Insert Thumbnail Photo
Non-Pregnant Female Insert with Mammary Gland (75-0719-F)

Includes five parts medially sectioned internal reproductive structures, urinary bladder, external genitalia, and mammary gland which attaches to pectoral muscle of torso. Compatible with all...

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Non-Pregnant Female Insert with Mammary Gland Thumbnail Photo
Male Insert (75-0719-M)

Includes four parts bisected male genitalia, urinary bladder and prostate. Compatible with all Multi-Torso configurations, each pelvic insert rests on its own hardwood display base until you...

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Male Insert Thumbnail Photo
Genderless Insert (75-0719-N)

Includes two parts bisected urinary bladder and urethra but without reproductive structures. Compatible with all Multi-Torso configurations, each pelvic insert rests on its own hardwood...

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