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Inhalation Narcosis Chamber Photo
Inhalation Narcosis Chamber

Convenient for anesthetizing small animals, such as mice, hamsters, rats, or guinea pigs. A clear acrylic hinged cover permits observation of animals during anesthesia. All other components are made of polypropylene. Materials are not affected by anesthetic compounds. A folding perforated platform is removed to fill the bottom with cotton and replaced to support the animal. Anesthetic is poured into the small funnel at the side and runs into the bottom of the chamber where it is absorbed by cotton. A stopcock on the other side of the chamber permits entrance of fresh air during anesthesia to prevent suffocation. Maximum I.D. is 197mm (7 3/4"), top I.D. is 178mm (7"), height from platform to top is 127mm (5"), height under platform is 57mm (2 1/4"), overall height is 197mm (7 3/4").

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60-464200002 Inhalation Narcosis Chamber, PP, Acrylic 1 $310.89

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