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Bel-Blotter™ 96-Well Replicating Tool Photo
Bel-Blotter™ 96-Well Replicating Tool

Designed to do tedious tasks with a minimum of effort, the Bel-Blotter™ Replicator increases productivity. The 96 “open ended” pipette tips in this unique product fit all types of plates from flat, vee or round bottom plates to 0.2ml thin walled PCR plates and tubes. Simply place the Bel-Blotter™ Replicator into any 96-well plate. The tips will pick up fluid up to 10µl per tip. The filled Bel-Blotter™ Replicator is then placed onto the filter paper, plate or other receiving medium. The resulting products of the Bel-Blotter™ Replicator can be used for replication of recombinant DNA libraries, inoculation of filters for colony hybridization, phage typing and other applications. Molded of polypropylene, it is easy to use, reusable and autoclavable.

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60-378760002 Bel-Blotter 96-Well Replicating Tool, PC 1 $32.60

ScienceLab offers Bel-Blotter™ 96-Well Replicating Tool and many other laboratory products and chemicals for all of your research project needs. Whether you work in a lab setting or perform testing in the field, we have the products you need, from Pipetter and Pipet Accessories, glassware, chemicals, or testing equipment. We care about our customers' needs, if you are unable to find the scientific product your looking for then please contact us for assistance at 800-901-7247.
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