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Pipettor Accuracy Test Kit Photo
Pipettor Accuracy Test Kit

Suitable for most Eppendorf*, Oxford*, Rainin*, Clinicon, SMI, and Finnpipette* pipetters. Kit supplied with two vinyl adapters, 25 each of five sizes of glass capillary tubes, and two glass pipets for higher volumes. To test, choose the adapter and capillary size that match up with the pipetter volume. Slip adapter into tip of pipetter and capillary into the opposite end. Depress the plunger to the first positive stop immersing the capillary, then slowly release. Withdraw the capillary from the pipetter. If the liquid level is within 0.05mm of the mark on the capillary, the pipetter is performing accurately. Otherwise, recalibration may be necessary. Kit comes in transparent plastic dispensing and storage box with complete instructions. Each of the five compartments contains 25 capillaries. Tests pipetters up to 1000µL in size.

SKU Description Units Price Quantity
60-378700000 Pipettor, Accuracy Test Kit 1 $326.43
60-378700010 Pipettor, Replacement Capillary, 10Ul, 250/Pkg 1 $151.06
60-378700020 Pipettor, Replacement Capillary, 20Ul, 250/Pkg 1 $149.98
60-378700050 Pipettor, Replacement Capillary, 50Ul, 250/Pkg 1 $149.98
60-378700100 Pipettor, Replacement Capillary, 100Ul, 250/Pkg 1 $151.06
60-378700200 Pipettor, Replacement Capillary, 200Ul, 250/Pkg 1 $151.06

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