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Cloning Cylinders

These cloning cylinders facilitate the isolation of individual cell clones, each generated from a single cell, yielding a homogenous population of cells. To isolate a clone, a thin layer of grease is applied to the bottom edge of the cylinder and then inverted over the clone of choice. After adding a small volume of Trypsin or EDTA, the dish is incubated at 37ºC briefly until cells detach. Cells are then collected from inside the cylinder and transferred to another vessel for further growth. The cloning cylinders, molded of polystyrene, are supplied in sterile packs in three sizes.

SKU Description Units Price Quantity
60-378470000 Cloning Cylinder, Variety Pack, PS, Sterile, (Box/120, 40 of each size) 1 $152.10
60-378470100 Cloning Cylinder, PS, Sterile, Small, Box/50 1 $85.97
60-378470200 Cloning Cylinder, PS, Sterile, Medium, Box/50 1 $90.14
60-378470300 Cloning Cylinder, PS, Sterile, Large, Box/50 1 $110.54

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