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Klett* Colorimeters Photo
Klett* Colorimeters

Use for Colorimetric and Turbidimetric Determinations

These photometric colorimeters use specific light filters to give readings on a unique KlettTM scale. The readings are directly proportional to the concentration or optical density of a solution, in accordance with Beers Law. Two matched photocells and a suspension galvanometer give the instrument a broad range of measurement making it light and ambient temperature independent. A fully compensated and carefully balanced electrical circuit provides accuracy and consistency in readings while using simple and rugged equipment. The precision galvanometer has an illuminated logarithmic scale, graduated from 1 to 1000 KlettTM and the scale is graduated in units proportional to the optical density.

SKU Description Units Price Quantity
60-370120000 Klett Colorimeter, Clinical Model 800-3, 115VAC 1 $5678.51
60-370120001 Klett Colorimeter, Clinical Model 800-3, 220VAC 1 $6174.63
60-370120010 Klett, 801 Test Tube, Uncalibrated, 12/Pkg 1 $130.28
60-370120020 Klett, 802 Test Tube, Calibrated, 12/Pkg 1 $187.77
60-370121000 Kit, Conversion, Klett 220V 1 $390.87
60-370121020 Klett Calibration Test Kit, Clinical 1 $1089.18
60-370130000 Klett Colorimeter, Industrial Model, 900-3 Range, 115VAC 1 $6174.63
60-370130001 Klett Colorimeter, Industrial Model, 900-3 Range, 220VAC 1 $6421.91
60-370130010 Klett, 901 Solution Cell, 20/40mm 1 $324.44
60-370130015 Klett, Fused Solution Cell, 20/40mm 1 $483.75
60-370130020 Klett, 902 Solution Cell, 10mm 1 $328.63
60-370130041 Klett, 904-M Adapter, Special Micro Cell 1 $402.16
60-370131015 Klett, Calibration Test Kit 1 $1395.90
60-370140040 Klett, Color Filter, KS-40, Blue, Spectral Range 380-430 1 $783.56
60-370140042 Klett Color Filter, KS-42, Blue, Std, Spectral Range 400-450 1 $418.60
60-370140044 Klett Color Filter, KS-44, Blue, Spectral Range 410-480 1 $618.57
60-370140047 Klett Color Filter, KS-47, Blue, Spectral Range 445-505 1 $1113.14
60-370140050 Klett Color Filter, KS-50, Spectral Range 470-530 1 $1440.37
60-370140052 Klett Color Filter, KS-52, Spectral Range 485-550 1 $1127.52
60-370140054 Klett Color Filter, KS-54, Green, Std, Spectral Range 520-580 1 $645.85
60-370140055 Klett Color Filter, KS-55, Spectral Range 520-600 1 $1043.89
60-370140056 Klett Color Filter, KS-56, Green, Spectral Range 540-590 1 $662.54
60-370140059 Klett Color Filter, KS-59, Yellow, Spectral Range 565-630 1 $870.87
60-370140060 Klett Color Filter, KS-60, Red, Spectral Range 580-640 1 $1210.90
60-370140062 Klett Color Filter, KS-62, Red, Spectral Range 590-660 1 $929.30
60-370140064 Klett Color Filter, KS-64, Spectral Range 620-680 1 $929.30
60-370140066 Klett Color Filter, KS-66, Red, Std, Spectral Range 640-700 1 $654.20
60-370140069 Klett Color Filter, KS-69, Red, Spectral Range 660-740 1 $710.05
60-370140070 Klett Color Filter, KS-6225T, Spectral Range 590-660 1 $1387.27

Repeatability is ±.33% of the full scale. Two units are available. The Industrial Model accepts rectangular solution cells, which can be used in either of two directions. Measurements can then be taken at depths of 10mm, 20mm, or 40mm. A reduction plate is available to minimize solution depth to 2.5mm. An adapter is available which permits the use of test tubes. The Clinical Model uses standard 14.25 x 125mm test tubes. Calibrated or uncalibrated tubes are available. In addition, micro test tubes can be used for samples as small as 2.5 ml. Both models are supplied with the two most commonly used filters, blue for 400-450nm and green for 520-580nm. Additional filters are available to permit measurements over the complete visual range. Each unit has detailed instructions, standards and guides for a wide range of tests.

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