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Plexiglas Splash Shields Photo
Plexiglas Splash Shields

No matter how your workspace is configured, these Plexiglas® Splash Shields are designed to accommodate both island and against-the-wall bench space as well as single and double work areas. They provide safety plus comfort (not hot and stuffy like face shields), flexibility (they’re fully adjustable), and quality in a design that will adapt to your specific needs. All shields move side-to-side as well as up and down, freeing precious work space and enhancing the performance of every user by maximizing room for hand motion when both sitting and standing.

SKU Description Units Price Quantity
60-249660001 Single Splash Shield Against Wall 610mm (24") Arm 305 x 381mm (12x15") Plexiglas Shield 1 $395.90
60-249660002 Single Splash Shield Island Benches 965mm (38") Arm 305 x 381mm (12x15") Plexiglas Shield 1 $494.01
60-249660003 Double Splash Shield Island Benches 965mm (38") Arm 381 x 610mm (15x24") Plexiglas Shield 1 $668.77
60-249660004 Shield, Acrylic, Splash, Double Wall Mount 1 $703.63
60-249660005 (A) C Clamp, For Splash Shield 1 $57.95
60-249660006 (B) Fixed Table Bracket, For Splash Shield 1 $57.95
60-249660007 (C) Wall Bracket, For Splash Shield 1 $57.95
60-249660008 Weighted Base Adapter, For Splash Shield 1 $202.22
60-249660010 Pre-Drilled Plexiglas® (for 60-24966-0001/0002) 1 $102.33
60-249660011 Pre-Drilled Plexiglas® (for 60-24966-0003/0004) 1 $135.67

ScienceLab offers Plexiglas Splash Shields and many other laboratory products and chemicals for all of your research project needs. Whether you work in a lab setting or perform testing in the field, we have the products you need, from Faceshields, glassware, chemicals, or testing equipment. We care about our customers' needs, if you are unable to find the scientific product your looking for then please contact us for assistance at 800-901-7247.
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