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Traceable® Moisture Meter Photo
Traceable® Moisture Meter
  • Displays moisture content from 9.0 to 30.0%
  • Reports directly in percent moisture in seconds

Displays material, wood, wood product, and paper moisture content from 9.0 to 30.0%. Memory contains nine material groups such as fiberboard and construction material, and calibrations for 150 types of wood. (User establishes reference moisture readings for other products.) Meter reports directly in percent moisture once programmed. Touch material with probe to measure moisture. Features automatic and manual temperature compensation, a resolution of 0.1% and an accuracy of ± (4% of the reading plus 5 digits). Memory recalls highest, lowest, and average readings. DATA HOLD button displays captured readings for recording on computer or datalogger. 13/8 in.H (34.9mm) digits for easy reading.

SKU Description Units Price Quantity
45-4310 Traceable® Moisture Meter 1 $400.60
45-4136-6 Data Acquisition System 1 $114.83
45-4325-7 Data-Logger 1 $438.67
45-4138-7 Easy-Use™ Accessory Adaptor (115 VAC) 1 $54.82

Serial RS-232-C output allows the meter to be connected to any IBM*-compatible computer or datalogger. Information can be imported to an existing database and, with the accessory Data Acquisition System (below), captured, displayed on monitor, and stored. (Unit is equipped with a sample program that allows you to store 100 readings; the complete DAS-3* Data Acquisition System or DAS-4* Datalogger System is required to transfer these readings to a computer file.) Traceable certificate with individual serial number is provided to indicate traceability to standards provided by NIST. Also supplied with probe, ten spare pins, 9V alkaline battery. Dimensions: 7L x 3W x 11/4 in.H (17.8 x 7.6 x 3.2cm).

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