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UVIdoc Gel Documentation Systems Photo
UVIdoc Gel Documentation Systems

UVIdoc is a superbly designed low cost documentation system featuring a unique combination of simplicity and versatility

It operates as a stand-alone system for producing high quality thermal prints of gel images. However, the compact flash slot & built-in disk drive unit also allow image capture direct to flash card or floppy disk (as TIFF or JPG files). The images produced can be saved as either 8 bit or 12 bit files, the format can be chosen by the user. The images can then be loaded into the UVIgeltec software which enables image manipulation, annotation and simple analysis. Saturation monitoring of the live image ensures that fully quantifiable images may be captured first time.
  • Ultra-simple, low cost documentation systems
  • 8 or 12 bit file formats for increased dynamic range
  • Ideal for multi-user environments
  • Compact flash and floppy disk drive for saving images as TIFF or JPG file formats
  • Light saturation of image detectable on monitor or LCD screen
  • Fully networkable allowing easy image transfer to and from a PC.
SKU Description Units Price Quantity
65-286-239 UVIdoc gel documentation System (GAS9000) w/ Thermal Printer 1 $13556.40
65-286-741 UVIdoc gel documentation System (GAS9500) w/ Thermal Printer 1 $13768.92
A brand new unique feature for the UVIdoc is the addition of a network card into the darkroom cabinet. This will enable the user to install the UVIdoc onto their local network allowing fast and easy access to images already stored on the UVIdoc. Random Access memory (RAM) will allow 30 images to be stored for easy transfer.

UVIdoc is available in two versions. 65-286-741 has a built-in 4 inch LCD screen which replaces the CCTV monitor supplied with 65-286-239. All other features and functions are the same for both systems.

Because both models of UVIdoc are so simple to operate, minimal training is required and high quality images can be acquired in seconds. This, combined with safety features, makes either UVIdoc ideal for environments with a high number of regular or casual users. The user interface includes a wipe-clean six-button key-pad conveniently positioned at eye level. A safety-interlocking darkroom door protects the user from harmful UV output.

No more lines for documentation

Many laboratories have already discovered the benefits of UVIdoc speed and simplicity. With no learning curve and only a few buttons to press, a high quality print out or image file on flash or floppy can be produced in seconds, making darkroom queues a thing of the past. For the more advanced user, images can be transferred from the UVIdoc by a local network connection.

Multi-user UVIdoc

UVIdoc is currently in use in many research departments as a central facility for large numbers of users. The safety, speed and robustness of UVIdoc have even made it an essential tool in many teaching laboratories, the ultimate multi-user environment!

Multi-purpose UVIdoc

UVIdoc’s special combination of simplicity and functionality has made it indispensable to a wide range of users. The saturation monitoring function means that UVIdoc can be used by researchers who wish to quantify their gel images and also ensures no loss of detail from the image due to saturation. The system can therefore be used on a variety of levels, from simple hard copy generation, to more sophisticated image acquisition for analysis.

UVIdoc – dedicated to simplicity

The unique design of UVIdoc incorporates a user interface which is simplicity itself. Exposure time is varied by pressing a ‘+’ button to increase and a ‘–’ button to decrease. The exposure time is in 17 pre-set steps, ranging from 40ms up to 10secs. Just four other buttons control features such as live/freeze modes, saturation monitoring, save to flash or disk and read from flash or disk. All functions are accessed by a single button push.

Standard components include
  • Darkroom and Control Unit
  • UV to white light conversion screen with 26 x 21cm active area (optional extra)
  • BXT-20M Mid range (312nm) dual intensity Transilluminator
  • SONY CCD Camera
  • Zoom lens and filter
  • Mitsubishi P93 Thermal Printer (optional extra)

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