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Ammonium Nitrate, Granular, Reagent, ACS
NH4NO3     F.W. 80.04     CAS: 6484-52-2    

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MSDS for Ammonium nitrate

Health: 2
Flammability: 1
Reactivity: 1

Available Quantities/Sizes

SKU Size Price Quantity
SLA3082-25G † 25 g $72.93
SLA3082-500G † 500 g $114.74
SLA3082-6X500G † 6 x 500 g $403.81
SLA3082-2.5KG † 2.5 kg $393.29
SLA3082-4X2.5KG † 4 x 2.5 kg $1118.17
SLA3082-12KG * 12 kg $984.78
SLA3082-50KG * 50 kg / 110 lb $2887.95

† Limited Quantity
* Subject to Hazardous Material Fee

General Chemical Specifications:
Assay (NH4NO3)Min. 95%
pH of a 5% Solution @ 25°C4.5-6.0
Insoluble Matter0.005%
Residue after Ignition0.01%
Chloride (Cl)5 ppm
Nitrite (NO2)To pass test (limit about 5 ppm)
Phosphate (PO4)5 ppm
Sulfate (SO4)0.002%
Heavy Metals (as Pb)5 ppm
Iron (Fe)2 ppm

Shipping Information:
Ammonium nitrate, 5.1, UN1942, PG III

Storage Information:
DELIQUESCENT: Keep tightly closed.

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