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Thermocouple Thermometer (K, J, T-Type) Photo
Thermocouple Thermometer (K, J, T-Type)
  • Three Thermocouple Probe Ranges These powerful thermometers accept input of K, J and T-type thermocouples. The microprocessor will linearize each of the different ranges.
  • High Accuracy ±0.5°C (-100.0 to 999.9°C) or ±1.0°F (-148.0 to 999.9°F), with a resolution of 0.1 from -149.9 to 999.9°C or -24.9 to 999.9 °F
  • User Calibration HI 93551N allows easy calibration of the meter and probe in an ice bath at 0 °C.
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50-HI93551N Thermocouple Thermometer - K, J, T-Type 1 $213.40

It is often necessary to take temperature measurements with different types of thermocouples (K-J-T). To make this possible without switching meters, Hanna developed HI 93551 and HI 93551N. These meters are equipped with a button that switches between K-type, J-type or T-type thermocouples, giving them the power of 3 meters, all in one unit. These portable instruments can read with a resolution of 0.1 in an extended range of -149.9 to 999.9°C or -24.9 to 999.9°F; once only possible in sophisticated bench equipment used in research labs. The meters are also equipped with a dual-level LCD that shows measured high and low temperatures along with the current reading. To freeze the display for easy recording, simply press the HOLD button. A °C/°F button will toggle between Celsius and Fahrenheit. These instruments have a low battery warning feature and a Battery Error Prevention System (BEPS). For even greater accuracy, HI 93551N features a CAL button to allow you to calibrate the meter and probe in an ice bath at 0°C. This will assure the removal of the combined meter and probe interchange error. Hanna offers a wide range of thermocouple probes to meet your specific application.

Specifications HI 93551N
Range K -200.0 to 999.9°C / 1000 to 1371°C -328.0 to 999.9°F / 1000 to 2500°F
J -200.0 to 999.9°C -328.0 to 999.9°F / 1000 to 1832°F
T -200.0 to 400.0°C -328.0 to 752.0°F
Resolution K 0.1°C (-149.9 to 999.9°C) / 0.2°C (-200.0 to -150.0°C) 0.1°F (-24.9 to 999.9°F) / 0.2°F (-249.9 to -25.0°F)
1°C (1000 to 1371°C) 0.3°F (-328.0 to -250.0°F) / 1°F (1000 to 2500°F)
J 0.1°C (-200.0 to 999.9°C) 0.1°F (-149.9 to 999.9°F) / 0.2°F (-328.0 to -150.0°F)
1°F (1000 to 1832°F)
T 0.1°C (-149.9 to 400.0°C) 0.1°F (0.0 to 752.0°F) / 0.2°F (-270.0 to -0.1°F)
0.2°C (-200.0 to -150.0°C) 0.3°F (-328.0 to -270.1°F)
Accuracy ±0.5°C (-100.0 to 999.9°C) / ±1°C (outside) for one year
(excluding probe error)
±1°F (-148.0 to 999.9°F) / ±1.5°F (outside) for one year
Typical EMC Deviation
±3°C ±6°F
Probe K, J, T-type thermocouple (optional)
Battery Type / Life
3 x 1.5V AA / approx. 500 hours of continuous use.

Auto-off: selectable 60 minutes or OFF
Environment -10 to 60°C (14 to 140°F); RH 100%
Dimensions 150 x 80 x 36 mm (5.9 x 3.1 x 1.4”)
Weight 250 g (8.8 oz.)

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