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Calibration Check pH Meters HI223 and HI221 Photo
Calibration Check pH Meters HI223 and HI221


  • Enhanced Calibration Messages Gives detailed calibration errors.
  • Electrode Condition on LCD Display Determined from the offset and slope.
  • Electrode Response Time on LCD Display Determined from electrode performance during calibration.
  • Calibration Alarm Time Out Programmable from 1 to 7 days.
  • "Log On Demand" Function can record up to 500 settings with the 50-HI223 and 100 with the 50-HI221
  • "Windows Compatible" Download the data to your PC to produce tables and graphic formats.
  • Last Calibration Date & Time
  • Real Time Clock
SKU Description Units Price Quantity
50-HI221 Cal-Check pH Meter HI221 1 $477.40
50-HI223 Cal-Check pH Meter HI223 1 $695.20
HI221 & HI223 General Information

HI 221 and HI 223 are pH/ORP/Temperature bench meters setting new calibration standards. A deep understanding of the pH calibration process can only come from a manufacturer of instruments as well as electrodes and calibration solutions. Hanna Instruments is one of the few manufacturers in the world to produce meters, electrodes and buffer solutions. Proper calibration of the pH meter and pH electrode system is critical in order to achieve reliable results and Hanna has developed a new system that monitors the two most important parameters during the calibration process, the pH electrode and the buffer solution: Cal-Check™. This new system warns the users in the event the pH electrode is dirty and if the calibration buffer is out of specification (cross contamination). When a pH electrode is not properly cleaned, even the smallest residues of samples left on the sensitive glass can produce slope errors up to a tenth of a pH unit.

A pH buffer solution that has been contaminated can also drift by a few tenths of a pH unit, resulting in erroneous calibration. Dirty pH electrodes and buffer solutions cannot be detected by conventional pH meters, resulting in wrong calibrations and subsequent erroneous pH measurements. Hanna's new pH meters have addressed this problem by displaying on the LCD status symbols that warn the user to clean or replace the pH electrode or to replace the buffer solution with a fresh one. This new calibration concept removes the guesswork, and guarantees the user that the equipment is in the best condition. Both instruments have a "log on demand" function to record 100 (HI 221) or 500 (HI 223) readings, RS232 port for computer connection, automatic or manual temperature compensation (ATC or MTC), and an extended range of 7 memorized calibration buffers. HI 221 offers pH readout of 0.01 pH, and HI 223 has a resolution of 0.001 pH.

Measurements taken with the HI 221 and HI 223 can be stored and recalled at a a later time.

The instruments store calibration data. In addition, they can be programmed to give an alert when the instrument requires a new calibration

Both instruments have a "log on demand" function to record 100 (HI 221) or 500 (HI 223) readings.
How Cal-Check Works
  • When a pH electrode is dirty, it has a slow response time and unstable reading. HI 221 and HI 223 warn the user in the event a dirty electrode has been used.
  • HI 221 and HI 223 are able to detec id the calibration buffer solution is contaminated.

HI 221
HI 223
pH Range
-2.00 to 16.00
-2.00 to 16.00 or -2.000 to 16.000
pH Accuracy
±0.01; ±0.002
pH Resolution
0.01; 0.001
mV Range
-699.9 to 699.9; -2000 to 2000
-999.9 to 999.9; -2000 to 2000
mV Accuracy
±0.2; ±1
±0.2 (±699.9); ±0.5 (±999.9); ±1 (±2000)
mV Resolution
0.1, 1
0.1; 1
°C Range
-20.0 to 120.0
-20.0 to 120.0
°C Accuracy
°C Resolution
Temperature Comp.
Manual (MTC) or Automatic (ATC) temperature compensation
pH electrode
HI 1131P glass body, single junction refillable cell, BNC + pin (included)
Temperature probe
HI 7669/2W stainless steel probe (included)
PC Interface
Opto-isolated RS232
100 points
500 points
Input impedance
1012 ohm
12VDC adapter (included)
0 to 50°C (32 to 122°F) 95% RH
240 x 182 x 74 mm (9.4 x 7.2 x 2.9”)
1.1 Kg (2.4 lb.)

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