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Magnetic Mini Stirrers - Color Coded Photo
Magnetic Mini Stirrers - Color Coded

Common magnetic stirrers are manufactured with steel and aluminum components. These units are often too large and heavy to fit in the limited space of a laboratory. The new Hanna 50-HI180 series are compact, lightweight, low-cost and designed in a special round shape without any sharp corners. Lack of laboratory bench space is no longer a concern. Available in nine colors, light yellow, light sea-green, light blue, yellow, green, dark blue, red, grey and ivory, several HI 180 stirrers can be placed on a laboratory bench with their colors helping to identify the different samples.

  • Glass-free ABS housing resists the harmful effects of chemicals.
  • These stirrers incorporate electronic controls that allow the user to regulate the speed with greater precision.
  • Internal Speedsafetm mechanism will ensure that the maximum speed is never exceeded.
  • Capacity: 0.26 Gallons (1 Liter)
  • Speed Range: Min. 100 rpm; Max. 800 to 1000 rpm
  • Dimensions: 5.4" Diameter x 2" Height
  • Each stirrer is supplied complete with a 25mm (1") long (7mm/0.3" as diameter) Teflon® coated magnetic stir bar and instruction manual.
SKU Description Units Price Quantity
50-HI180I-1 Magnetic Mini Stirrer - Ivory 1 $102.30
50-HI180A-1 Magnetic Mini Stirrer - Light Yellow 1 $102.30
50-HI180B-1 Magnetic Mini Stirrer - Sea-Green 1 $102.30
50-HI180C-1 Magnetic Mini Stirrer - Light Blue 1 $102.30
50-HI180D-1 Magnetic Mini Stirrer - Yellow 1 $102.30
50-HI180E-1 Magnetic Mini Stirrer - Green 1 $102.30
50-HI180F-1 Magnetic Mini Stirrer - Dark Blue 1 $102.30
50-HI180G-1 Magnetic Mini Stirrer - Red 1 $102.30
50-HI180H-1 Magnetic Mini Stirrer - Grey 1 $102.30

Speedsafe™ is a Trademark of "Hanna Instruments, Inc."
Teflon® is a registered Trademark of "du Pont de Nemours & Co."

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