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Porcelain Crucibles, High Form Photo
Porcelain Crucibles, High Form

Porcelain Crucibles, High Form, with Lid - Glazed inside and outside, except bottom outside surface. Sizes and dimensions are listed as follows:

*10mL 30mm x 20mm x 28mm
*15mL 32mm x 20mm x 34mm
*30mL 40mm x 25mm x 46mm
*50mL 43mm x 28mm x 58mm
*100mL 63mm x 34mm x 57mm

SKU Description Units Price Quantity
10-310-1 Crucible w/Lid-High Form-Porcelain, 30mm diax20mm ODx28mm Heightx10ml Cap 1 $1.38
10-310-2 Crucible w/Lid-High Form-Porcelain, 32mm diax20mm ODx34mm Heightx15ml Cap 1 $1.55
10-310-3 Crucible w/Lid-High Form, Porcelain, 40mm diax25mm ODx46mm Heightx30ml Cap 1 $1.73
10-310-4 Crucible w/Lid-High Form, Porcelain, 43mm diax28mm ODx58mm Heightx50ml Cap 1 $2.24
10-310-5 Crucible w/Lid-High Form, Porcelain, 63mm diax34mm ODx57mm Heightx100ml Cap 1 $4.42

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