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Biology Charts & Posters

ScienceLab offers a full line of Biology Charts & Posters, Laboratory Equipment and Chemicals for any application from clinical to research. We also carry a wide range Educational Products, pH meters, microscopes, thermometers and digital scales.

Green and Brown Algae Chart (75-1894-10)

Scalariform conjugation stages, meiotic divisions and zygote germination in Spirogyra are shown. Reproduction via motile zoospores as well as fusion of sexual gametes is depicted for Ulothrix....

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Green and Brown Algae Chart Thumbnail Photo
Wheat Rust Life History Chart (75-1895-10)

Following a clockwise sequence, all developmental stages of this important parasitic fungus of crops are depicted.

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Wheat Rust Life History Chart Thumbnail Photo
Liveworth (Marchantia) Life History Chart (75-1896-10)

The dichotomously branched thalli of both a male plant with antheridia, and female plant with archegonia, are depicted. Magnified figures of antheridia, sperm, gemmae, archegonium, young and...

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Liveworth (Marchantia) Life History Chart Thumbnail Photo
Hairy Cap Moss (Polytrichum) Life History Chart (75-1897-10)

Featuring complete depictions of the male gametophyte with antheridia and female with archegonia, the female also bears a sporophyte plant at its apex, thus illustrating the alternation of...

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Hairy Cap Moss (Polytrichum) Life History Chart Thumbnail Photo
Fern Life History Chart (75-1898-10)

Also exhibitng alternation of generations, the asexual sporophyte of ferns has become the predominant form with the gametophyte greatly reduced.A sporophyte plant, comlete with fronds,...

More Detail
Fern Life History Chart Thumbnail Photo
Gymnosperms Chart (75-1899-10)

Featuring the life history of the Scotch Pine, illustrated in seven figures. Supplementary illustrations depict twigs and cones of eight other gymnosperm species.

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Gymnosperms Chart Thumbnail Photo
Monocot and Dicot See Germination Chart (75-1900-10)

Ten figures compare and contrast the similarities and differences in seed structure and germination stages in typical monocot (corn) and typical dicot (bean).

More Detail
Monocot and Dicot See Germination Chart Thumbnail Photo
Roots Chart (75-1901-10)

Two greatly enlarged root sections detail the region of the root tip and the region of the root hairs. Supplementary figures depict specializations which adapt roots to a variety of habitats.

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Roots Chart Thumbnail Photo
Stems Chart (75-1902-10)

Dicot and monocot stems are compared and contrasted at the microscopic level. Eight adjunct figures depict the wide range of stem adaptations such as tubers, runners, thorns, rhizomes , tendrils...

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Stems Chart Thumbnail Photo
Pathogenic Microoganisms Chart (75-1910-10)

A valuable asset in all studies of microbiology and disease, this colorful chart depicts 16 important pathogens as they appear during microscopic examination, using standard staining techniques.

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Pathogenic Microoganisms Chart Thumbnail Photo
Carbohydrates & Fats Chart (75-1312-10)

Nutritional chart rating carbohydrates and fats with energy, vitamin and mineral sources in relation to content and value of some common foods.

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Carbohydrates & Fats Chart Thumbnail Photo
Basic Biology Chart Sets (75-1996-32)

20 Multi Colored Charts Set Includes: 1911 - Animal Cell and Plant Cell • 1881 - Protista • 1882 - Coelentrates (Cnidaria) • 1883 - Flatworms and Roundworms • 1884 -...

More Detail
Basic Biology Chart Sets Thumbnail Photo
Complete Biology Chart Sets (75-1990-41)

Complete Biology Chart Set Includes: Animal Cell and Plant Cell. Reflects latest electron micrographic and cytological findings with a colorful side-by-side comparison of a typical animal...

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Complete Biology Chart Sets Thumbnail Photo
Cell Structure and Cell Division Chart Sets (75-1993-32)

Five colorful, authoritative charts, selected from our complete biology series, to compare and contrast organelles and cytological structure of a typical animal and plant cell - plus mitotic...

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Cell Structure and Cell Division Chart Sets Thumbnail Photo
Complete Life Sciences Series Sets (75-1030-41)

Four sets, each consisting of three topically related charts, introduce important concepts and principles associated with living organisms in an interesting easy-to-grasp fashion. The charts...

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Complete Life Sciences Series Sets Thumbnail Photo

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