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ScienceLab offers a full line of Spatulas, Laboratory Equipment and Chemicals for any application from clinical to research. We also carry a wide range Educational Products, pH meters, microscopes, thermometers and digital scales.

Microspatula Set (45-3300)

Set of four with plastic, color-coded handles Dispense and transfer samples during weighing Apply micro amounts of adhesive for tacking down specimens, spreading paste, and...

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Micro Spatulas (60-367000000)

FLUO-KEM® Coated Stainless Steel Nickel-stainless rod with flat ends, 7.9 x 50mm ( 5/16" x 2"). Ends are covered with brown Teflon® containing FEP which complies with FDA...

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Smooth Chisel-Type Scrapers (60-368190000)

Blade May be Resharpened to Restore Edge Reusable scrapers in either Polystyrene or nylon, available in two sizes: 59 and 63mm scraper widths.

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Sterileware Sampling Spatula (60-369300000)

V-Shaped Spatula Ideal for Caked Granules or Powder The Sterileware® Disposable Spatula is ideal for every type of powdered or granulated material. It makes sample taking faster, more...

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Spatulas, Polypropylene (60-378400000)

Sharp End for Puncturing Packaging The V-shaped, polypropylene spatula has a sharp point for puncturing bags for direct sampling with a sturdy edge to break up caked material. V-shaped trough...

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Lab Spoon and Spatula With Fluo-Kem Teflon (60-367110000)

Combination Spoon and Spatula with Fluo-Kem® Teflon® Stainless steel spoon and spatula ends are coated with brown Fluo-Kem® Teflon® containing FEP, which complies with FDA...

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Quaver Vibrating Spatulas (60-367140000)

Non-Motorized Vibrating Spatula Make accurate additions of precious materials as needed. When you spin the toothed thumb wheel which vibrates the spatula, you’re in control of how much...

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Quaverette Vibrating Spatulas (60-367180000)

Micro-Blade Reaches Into Small Containers and Tight Corners The Quaverette® Vibrating Spatula offers the same features as the Quaver® Vibrating Spatula, but permits utilization of...

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Triangular Scraper (60-368200001)

No Metal, No Scratching, No Bending The rigid, chisel-edged triangular blade is tapered and fans out to a width of 111mm (4-3/8"). The handle is shaped for a comfortable and secure grip....

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Long Handled Scrapers (60-368290001)

Will Not Scratch Glass Rigid nylon scraper with only slight flexibility is attached to a fiberglass handle with a sleeve. The grooved handle provides a comfortable grip when reaching into...

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Scrapers-Hard, High-Density Polyethylene (60-368300000)

Choice of Short or Long Handle Length Smooth, chemical-resistant scrapers are useful for removing residues from filters, cleaning containers, mixing and distributing solids in fluids,...

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Policeman (60-377380000)

60-377380000 (second from right) Made of a Teflon® TFE 7.9mm (5/16") diameter rod with flattened ends. 254mm (10") long. 60-377390001 (far right) Round Molded polypropylene rod with one...

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