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Specialty Stoppers

ScienceLab offers a full line of Specialty Stoppers, Laboratory Equipment and Chemicals for any application from clinical to research. We also carry a wide range Educational Products, pH meters, microscopes, thermometers and digital scales.

Safe-Lab Therm-O-Vac Joint Adapter (60-203071825)

Teflon® adapter with Viton® O-ring on the body, screw cap and hose connection.

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Safe-Lab Teflon TFE Stoppers For Flasks (60-201911465)

Use with Separatory Funnels and Volumetric Flasks Solid Teflon® TFE stopper with threaded polypropylene extracting nut for easy removal of stopper from flask. Interchangeable with penny...

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Cup-Type Stoppers (60-201930000)

Doubles as Container for Micro Work These polyethylene cup-type stoppers fit tightly, yet remove easily. All are 25mm high. 24 of one size per bag.

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Safe-Lab Hollow Teflon TFE Stoppers (60-201971515)

Use these hollow Teflon® stoppers for boiling and distilling style flasks with ground joints. Stopper comes with polypropylene extracting nut for easy removal from flask.

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Safe-Lab Glass Stoppers (60-201991300)

Lightweight hollow borosilicate glass stopper. Flat hex head for easy gripping. SAF-T-LINE® threaded polymethylpentene extracting nut above ground surface allows easy and safe removal of...

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Safe-Lab Adapt-A-Port Body (60-203031635)

Teflon® PTFE Adapt-A-Port® body threaded on top to accept the 60-20306 threaded port adapters. Comes with polypropylene extracting nut. Not autoclavable.

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Adapt-A-Port Kit, Teflon* TFE (60-203041560)

The Safe-Lab® Adapt-a-Port® Kit is a unique adapter set consisting of three TEFLON® TFE pieces. The TEFLON® TFE body is threaded on the inside top to accept either the...

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Safe-Lab Therm-O-Vac Port Adapters (60-203061610)

Threaded Therm-O-Vac® Port Adapter with serrated side Teflon® TFE nozzle. For use with 60-20303 Adapt-A-Port® Teflon® body. Not autoclavable.

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Safe-Lab Thermometer Joint Adapters (60-203091675)

Teflon® body with Viton® O-ring for air tight vacuum work. The adapter has a threaded polypropylene screw cap on top with an inside O-ring for depth adjustment of 6-7mm for straight stem...

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