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Special Purpose Racks

ScienceLab offers a full line of Special Purpose Racks, Laboratory Equipment and Chemicals for any application from clinical to research. We also carry a wide range Educational Products, pH meters, microscopes, thermometers and digital scales.

Poxygrid Rack for 15mL Conical Tubes (60-187220000)

Epoxy-coated steel wire rack holds 15 conical bottom 15ml centrifuge tubes. The rack is generously spaced for easy handling. Top and middle sections have 18mm square holes and are centered over...

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Poxygrid Rack for 15mL Conical Tubes Thumbnail Photo
Round Floating Bubble Racks (60-188750400)

Incubate 8 to 20 Micro-Tubes in a Beaker of Water The perfect rack for use in microbiology and immunology labs. Made especially for use with beakers, the space-saving round Bubble Racks are...

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Round Floating Bubble Racks Thumbnail Photo
PoxygridŽ Imhoff Cone Supports (60-389930003)

Provides stability without crowding benchtop These lightweight Imhoff Cone Supports hold three (or four) settling cones in a single row for clearer viewing. Cone tips are held up off the...

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PoxygridŽ Imhoff Cone Supports Thumbnail Photo
Electrode Rack (60-185090000)

This handy rack holds 8 test tubes for storing and conditioning pH and ion electrodes. The polypropylene rack resists chemical attack and is autoclavable at 121º C (250º F). Holds two...

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Electrode Rack Thumbnail Photo
Scintillation Vial Rack (60-185120000)

This rugged and stable rack holds 24 scintillation vials (30mm diameter) for convenient storage, handling, and sample preparation. Made of corrosion-resistant, autoclavable polypropylene....

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Scintillation Vial Rack Thumbnail Photo
Serum Vial Racks (60-185130072)

Just the right size for serum vials (10-13mm diameter), RIA vials and T3/T4 reaction vials (13-16 & 16-20mm diameter). Long-lasting and corrosion-resistant, these polypropylene racks fit most...

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Serum Vial Racks Thumbnail Photo
Standards Bottle Rack (60-185132300)

Protect Valuable Standards Keep all your USP™ reference standards organized in this dedicated Standards Bottle Rack that makes transporting and storage easier. Each compact rack holds up...

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Standards Bottle Rack Thumbnail Photo
No-Wire Autoclavable Vial and Bottle Racks (60-185140013)

No-Wire™ vial and bottle racks are small enough to hold in one hand and diverse enough to accommodate most available vials and small bottles. Polypropylene rack is available in 5 sizes....

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No-Wire Autoclavable Vial and Bottle Racks Thumbnail Photo
Spectro Cell Rack (60-185150000)

This polypropylene rack holds twenty 10mm lightpath spectrophotometer cells in two tiers with numbered wells. The wells hold standard cells with a 12.5mm cross-section; however, some plastic cells...

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Spectro Cell Rack Thumbnail Photo
No-Wire Cuvette Rack (60-185200000)

This rack provides gentle no-scratch support for fragile and expensive spectrophotometer cells. Forty-two 10mm light path cells fit in this 6 x 7 row layout. Dimensions 128 x 105 x 43mm high...

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No-Wire Cuvette Rack Thumbnail Photo
No-Wire Round Racks (60-187410020)

Small and Large Diameters No-Wire™ Round Racks fit neatly into round containers such as ice buckets, desiccators and beakers. Two sizes are available: a large rack (149 mm in diameter)...

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No-Wire Round Racks Thumbnail Photo
Incubator & Shaker Tube Holder (60-187980000)

Securely Holds Multi-Sized Tubes in Floor and Benchtop Shaking Incubators Process a wide range of sample sizes needed to move from one part of a procedure to the next. Each tube is angled on...

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Incubator & Shaker Tube Holder Thumbnail Photo
NMR Sample Tube Racks (60-188540005)

These sturdy, stable racks are made specifically for Nuclear Magnetic Resonance tubes. Upper decks have holes and lower decks have hemispherical wells. End plates have handles. 21x11x 22 cm (8 3/8...

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NMR Sample Tube Racks Thumbnail Photo
Water Bath Racks (60-188630001)

Molded of a special blend of polypropylene that is heavier than water, these racks sink to the bottom of the bath and will not tip over. All sizes are 213 x 110mm wide (8 3/8" long x 4 5/16")....

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Water Bath Racks Thumbnail Photo
Radio Immuno Assay (RIA) Tube Racks (60-188700000)

These racks provide a practical method of pipetting and storing a large number of samples. By using alternate rows and rotating the tubes, it is easy to keep track of the last tube filled. Also...

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Radio Immuno Assay (RIA) Tube Racks Thumbnail Photo
Round Economy Floating Racks (60-188756401)

Even when fully loaded, tubes are completely immersed while tops rest above the rack, floating in a beaker of water. Perfect for use in benchtop incubation. The rack is easily unloaded by lightly...

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Round Economy Floating Racks Thumbnail Photo
Height-Adjustable Rack for 1.5 to 15mL Tubes (60-188820000)

Confidently position tubes in a water bath Use the Height-Adjustable Rack to securely hold up to six tubes or vials at any desired depth in a water bath or beaker. The rack has a flexible...

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Height-Adjustable Rack for 1.5 to 15mL Tubes Thumbnail Photo
Tissue Culture Flask Racks (60-189700001)

These polypropylene racks hold 25 cm2 or 75 cm2 (50 - 75 ml or 250 - 260 ml) or similar sized tissue culture flasks in a vertical position during processing of tissue cultures. Rectangular holes...

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Tissue Culture Flask Racks Thumbnail Photo
Universal Implement Stand (60-189730000)

This item falls into the handy gadget category. Just put it on the lab bench or desk and it is ready to hold pipettes, stirring rods, burettes, thermometers, pencils, etc. Such items will not roll...

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Universal Implement Stand Thumbnail Photo
Vacu-Racks (60-189770000)

These racks hold 143 vacuum-type syringe tubes: 80 tubes 12.7mm (1/2") O.D. and 63 tubes 16mm ( 5/8") O.D. up to 102mm (4") long. Tubes are suspended in channels by colored stoppers providing...

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Vacu-Racks Thumbnail Photo
Nessler Tube Rack (60-189860050)

Nessler tube racks have molded white polypropylene decks supplied in 5 pieces for easy snap together assembly. The flat lower deck creates a reflective surface for the tubes. The racks have 6...

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Nessler Tube Rack Thumbnail Photo
Hydrometer Racks (60-189880000)

Protect fragile glass hydrometers by storing them in this 18-place polypropylene rack. The middle and top plates have 25mm (1") diameter holes. The bottom plate is 44mm (1 3/4") high and has wells...

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Hydrometer Racks Thumbnail Photo
Molded Contact Plate Rack (60-189900000)

Safely Transports Sixty Plates This new rack is very useful for safe transport and incubation of contact plates (RODAC®, Becton Dickinson) and helps to streamline benchtop sample...

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Molded Contact Plate Rack Thumbnail Photo
Floating Round Bubble Racks (60-370840008)

These round floating bubble racks are specifically designed for incubation. The hold-down disk maintains a constant pressure on the tube caps, preventing them from opening under internal air...

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Floating Round Bubble Racks Thumbnail Photo

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