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Pipette and Pipettor Racks

ScienceLab offers a full line of Pipette and Pipettor Racks, Laboratory Equipment and Chemicals for any application from clinical to research. We also carry a wide range Educational Products, pH meters, microscopes, thermometers and digital scales.

PiRack Pipettor Holder (60-189540000)

Keep Pipettors in Easy Reach and Reduce Damage Place at Several Work Locations Use with Most Pipettors Expandable The sturdy PiRack™ Clamp-On Pipettor Holder...

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Pipette Jars (60-171300018)

The leak proof, molded polyethylene pipette jars store and soak pipettes and will withstand all common cleaning solutions at room temperature, including sulfuric acid/dichromate. The 60-17106 or...

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Pipette Rinsers (60-171310018)

High level water entry provides an air gap between the maximum water level and the end of the water inlet tube ensuring safe and efficient operation. The polyethylene Pipette Rinsers provide a...

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Volume Pipette Storage Racks-A (60-189500000)

Heavy duty polyethylene racks have six tubes that hold 40 to 50 pipettes each. A polyethylene foam disk in the bottom of each 10cm (4") I.D. tube cushions the pipettes and protects tips from...

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Pipette Support Rack (60-189530000)

For orderly, space-saving pipette storage. These sturdy racks holds 50 pipettes in a vertical 5 x10 arrangement. Top and middle decks have 16mm diameter holes; bottom deck holes are tapered from...

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Pipette Tray Rack (60-189400000)

For soaking, draining or storing pipettes. This styrene tray is useful in lab drawers or on a benchtop. Scalloped rims hold 16 small or 7 large pipettes. Center support holds 12 short pipettes....

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Poxygrid Pasteur Pipette Can Rack (60-189420000)

Holds Pasteur Pipettes in Sterilization Can at Your Fingertips The Poxygrid® Pasteur Pipette Rack is designed specifically for the safe, convenient storage of these disposables which are...

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Pipette Support Stand (60-189550000)

For safe and orderly storage of up to 28 pipettes, this polypropylene stand holds pipettes in a vertical position. The top plate has two sections; one with 10 holes 14mm in diameter, the other...

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Rotary Pipette Stand (60-189570000)

This unique stand holds a maximum of 94 pipettes and rotates on a central vertical axis for convenient selection of the pipette you want. The lower rotating disc consists of four concentric...

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Pipette Support Rack - Horizontal (60-189600000)

Holds 12 volumetric or graduated pipettes from 1ml. The polyethylene support is 241mm x 178mm (9-1/2" x 7") wide and 292mm (11-1/2") high. There is 213mm (8-3/8") between plates with a 19mm (3/4")...

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Pipettor Stand-6 Rack (60-189610060)

Keep up to 6 pipettors at hand with these holders. Cutouts on 2 shelves hold and support the most popular pipettor models. Available in clear acrylic or high-density polypropylene, with slots to...

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Pipettor and Tip Storage Station (60-189619166)

The top rack stores up to six pipettors and the three acrylic bins store a generous supply of bulk pipette tips. The station has a white acrylic base, sides and top for easy cleaning. Bin front...

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Poxygrid Microliter Pipettor Racks (60-189620000)

This rack holds 10 pipettors in two stepped rows of 5 each. End holes are for Drummond Pipette-Aid® pipette filler. A lower shelf has smaller holes that accept the tapered ends of the...

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Poxygrid Microliter Pipettor Rack, Wallmount (60-189620002)

Pipettor Rack Microliter This rack is for wall mounting only. The back plate has two holes for screw attachment to the wall and double faced tape (included) on its lower edge. Dimensions are...

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Poxygrid Microliter Pipettor Rack, Wallmount Thumbnail Photo
Poxygrid Microliter Pipettor Rack (60-189620004)

Having the same hole pattern as the 60-H18962-0001(B) (for Gilson Pipetman® and Drummond Pipette-Aid® ), this rack has an extended base with a raised lip to hold plastic tip boxes. The...

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Poxygrid Microliter Pipettor Rack Thumbnail Photo
Poxygrid Microliter Pipettor Slant Rack (60-189620006)

This rack is made of stainless steel without any plastic coating. It is a universal rack that holds all types of pipettors, including the Gilson Pipetman®. It has five positions, a sloping...

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Pipette Baskets (60-171060000)

Cylindrical pipette baskets have no handle to obstruct the insertion and retrieval of pipettes. Instead, the sides have cut-out hand grips for easy handling. Gusher holes provide quick drainage...

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