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Slide Holders for Microscopy

ScienceLab offers a full line of Slide Holders for Microscopy, Laboratory Equipment and Chemicals for any application from clinical to research. We also carry a wide range Educational Products, pH meters, microscopes, thermometers and digital scales.

Slide Holder Cards (45-1008)

Organize and classify your slides for instant reference and fingertip-fast retrieval. Use the index-card Microscope Slide Holders to sort, classify, or arrange slides in any order. Fingers...

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Microslide Cabinets (45-1009)

High-strength steel drawers. Each drawer holds up to 100 microscope slide holders (400 slides). Includes an inside door stop to prevent spills and a lock...

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Microscope View-Pack Slide Holder With Ring Binder (60-441700000)

The standard 23 x 30cm (9" x 12") 3-ring loose-leaf binder comes complete with ten 22 x 27cm (8 1/2 " x 10 1/2 ") vinyl View-Pack™ Microscope Slide Holder Pages (enough for 160 slides). Each...

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Microscope Slide Mailers (60-442000000)

Internal grooves accept 5 to 10 microscope slides 25x75mm (1" x 3") or can be used as a specimen jar that holds vials up to 12ml size. The chemically inert, polyethylene container has a deep screw...

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Microscope Slide Holder Strip (60-445420000)

This slide holder has a sloped groove that accepts up to 10 single or double slides standing on end. A front ledge serves as a place to dry slides. Made of durable, extruded plastic, the holder...

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Microscope Slide Holder (60-445570000)

With this handy file near your microscope, slides are always separated, visible, and orderly. The vacuum formed polystyrene 12-place slide holder allows slides to project over the rack's edge for...

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Microscope Slide Dispenser (60-445620000)

This ABS plastic dispenser releases clean, dust-free 25 x 75mm (1" x 3") slides. Turning the knob on either side dispenses slides one at a time. The clear plastic cover allows easy visual check on...

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Slide Dispenser (60-445690000)

A two piece plastic holding compartment mounted on a stable PVC base will accommodate an entire standard box of fifty 25 x 76mm (1" x 3") slides. One half of the dispenser remains stationary, the...

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Microscope Slide Boxes (60-445760000)

These compact, durable slide boxes provide the maximum protection for 25 x 75mm (1" x 3") microscope slides. Heavy walls will not warp, splinter, or crack. Boxes are unaffected by humidity and are...

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Microscope Slide Trays (60-445810000)

Each tray stores 20 standard 25 x 75 mm (1" x 3") slides in a horizontal position for full visibility. White polystyrene background makes it easy to distinguish dyes and stains. Trays can be used...

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Microscope Slide Tray Cabinet (60-445830000)

This 240 slide capacity cabinet holds twelve 60-445810000 microscope trays horizontally in a dust free enclosure. The outer shell is white polypropylene, tray rails are polystyrene, and the...

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