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Pointers Markers Pens Pencils

ScienceLab offers a full line of Pointers Markers Pens Pencils, Laboratory Equipment and Chemicals for any application from clinical to research. We also carry a wide range Educational Products, pH meters, microscopes, thermometers and digital scales.

Pocket Laser Pointers (45-3140)

For slide presentations, microscope projections, field studies, wall charts and lectures Pocket Laser Pointer Provides brilliant red light at 630–680nm wavelength with a...

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Key-Chain Laser Pointer (45-3141)

The smallest and lightest laser ever developed. Perfect for slide presentations, wall charts, and lectures. Provides a brilliant red light at the highly visible 650 nm wavelength with a beam...

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Ultra-Bright Key Chain Laser Pointer (45-3143)

Pointer's brilliant red beam is at the highly visible 650nm wavelength and works equally well in daylight and dark. Designed specifically for slide presentations, wall charts, and field use....

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Flexible Curve (45-3000)

Plot lab results, draw graphs, copy chart recordings, and produce error-free diagrams Draw perfect curves—plot curves and fit points precisely on any graph with ease, using the...

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Scientific Technical Pens (45-3040)

Fast-drying ink in four colors. A disposable pen that produces extra-fine lines with accuracy—and without smearing. Special "long-legged" point is perfect for writing on notebooks,...

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Permanent Marking Pens (45-3050)

Perfect permanent marking pens for lab samples, microscope slides, photographic slides, glass and plastic beakers, and plastic sample bags. Produce precise lines of 0.3mm width on all...

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Glascribe® Pen (60-441500000)

The Glascribe® Pen, with retractable tungsten carbide tip, lets you inscribe on glass, ceramics, and plastic. The pen has a pocket clip, so it is always handy when needed.

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Non-Radioactive Marker (60-133500000)

Excellent for marking various substrates that are to be radiographed with run numbers, dates and exposure times, film alignment markings, etc. They incorporate a non-toxic phosphorescent material...

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Captor Pen Holder (60-133730000)

This simple writing accessory is designed to keep a marking pen in a convenient place, ready to use, when only one hand is free. The Captor™ Pen Holder helps to avoid fumbling with samples...

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Belpen Markers (60-133740000)

Quick Drying Waterproof Ink Felt tip marking pens are perfect for labeling all types of glassware and plastics. Permanent, quick drying ink remains waterproof and smudge proof and when dry...

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Manomark Pens (60-133770000)

All Surface Markers Writes on all plastics, glass, metal, wood, paper and cloth, including Teflon® fluoropolymer resins. A precision seal valve provides smooth ink flow and preserves the...

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Wet Surface Pen (60-133820000)

Writes on Wet Surfaces or Under Water This incredible pen will write clearly on wet surfaces, such as marking slots on wet Southern, Northern and Western blots. Use it for marking alignment...

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Tech Pens (60-133840001)

Write on Most Surfaces A heavy-duty soft tip disposable pen that writes on glass, metal, ceramics, plastics, paper, etc. The pen operates within the temperature range of 4° to 49° C...

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