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Biohazard and Radiation Bags

ScienceLab offers a full line of Biohazard and Radiation Bags, Laboratory Equipment and Chemicals for any application from clinical to research. We also carry a wide range Educational Products, pH meters, microscopes, thermometers and digital scales.

Odo-Clave Deodorant Pads (60-131980000)

Neutralize Autoclave Odors with a Choice of Four Fragrances These pads are impregnated with a heat-released deodorant that doesn't merely mask autoclave odors, but actually neutralizes them...

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Biohazard Disposal Bags Without Warning Label (60-131600005)

Without printed Sterilization indicator patch Plain, unprinted bags can also be used as conventional trach can liners.

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Biohazard Disposal Bags (60-131641419)

Look for the Sterilization Indicator Patch Orange-red biohazard bags feature a printed sterilization patch that darkens when subjected to steam sterilization. A large black biohazard symbol...

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Super Biohazard Disposal Bags (60-131651419)

Extra Strength, High Impact, High Temperature Bags Reduce Autoclave Time Protect against dangerous tears and leaks with extra strong, high impact biohazard disposal bags. The orange-red bags...

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Bench-Top Biohazard Bag (60-131660000)

Easy Open, Convenient Size Autoclavable bags feature one long flap for ease in opening. When used with the Poxygrid® 60-131931000 desk-size bag holder, they provide a convenient, space...

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Clavies® Biohazard Bag Holders (60-131920001)

Keep Biohazard Disposal Bags Open and Ready to Use with These Economical Bag Holders Bag is securely supported on a stainless steel wire frame and polypropylene bottom, which also serves as a...

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Clavies® Biohazard Bag Holders Thumbnail Photo
Bench Top Disposal System (60-131940000)

Hinged Top for Convenience and Safety Perfect for small items like pipette tips, needles and microcentrifuge tubes, this compact bench-top disposal system has a hinged, swinging lid that...

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Bench Top Disposal System Thumbnail Photo
Biohazard Disposal Can (60-131970000)

The bright red color of this small Biohazard Disposal Can makes it easy to identify as a safety disposal container. It is suitable for biological/biohazard materials, broken glass, recyclables or...

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Clavies® Clips (60-131900100)

This simple clip is used to securely close the gathered top of an autoclave bag after filling with waste materials and preparing to place in the autoclave. The stiff plastic design holds the bag...

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Biohazard Sharp Object Safety Pouch and Stand (60-132340000)

Hard to Pierce Pouch Offers Greater Protection Avoid the danger of being cut by contaminated sharp objects; use the Biohazard Sharp Object Safety Pouch for bench-top collection and disposal....

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Biohazard Sharp Object Safety Pouch and Stand Thumbnail Photo

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