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Hygrometers (Relative Humidity)

ScienceLab offers a full line of Hygrometers (Relative Humidity), Laboratory Equipment and Chemicals for any application from clinical to research. We also carry a wide range Educational Products, pH meters, microscopes, thermometers and digital scales.

Portable Thermo Hygrometer (50-HI93640)

Portable Thermo Hygrometer is a compact, one-hand portable, versatile hygrometer with a convenient wrist-strap so that you can monitor relative humidity anywhere. The built-in thin-film...

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Thermo Hygrometer Tester (50-HI8564)

Thermo-hygrometer tester provides readings with 95% precision in a very short time both for R.H. and for temperature. The detachable R.H. probe is housed in a rugged ABS cylinder with a...

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Water Resistant Thermo Hygrometer (50-HI9065)

The Water Resistant Thermo Hygrometer is a heavy-duty hygrometer specially designed for field applications such as HVAC. It is housed in a rugged water-resistant case to provide maximum...

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Humidity Controllers, Traceable* (45-4190)

Ideal for switching your electrical equipment on or off at any 1% increment from 30 to 90% relative humidity. Easy-to-use three-button programming is perfect for controlling humidifiers,...

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Traceable® Temperature and Humidity Monitor (45-4082)

Constantly measures humidity and temperature Relative humidity range is 25 to 95% with a resolution of 1% and an accuracy of ±2% (midrange) to ±4% (outside midrange)...

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Traceable® Digital Hygrometer/Thermometers (45-4085)

Read humidity, temperature, and dew point quickly and accurately Designed specifically for lab, plant, and field use, both models are ideal for cleanrooms, hoods, environmental...

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Traceable® General Purpose Hygrometer/Thermometer (45-4087)

Ideal for cleanrooms, hoods, process control, and air monitoring Completely portable, rugged, handheld, digital hygrometer and thermometer is designed for years of severe lab,...

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Traceable® Digital Hygrometer/Thermometer (45-4088)

Ideal for constantly monitoring labs, storage facilities, and plant areas Provides humidity and temperature readings at a glance Digital display indicates 25 to 95% RH with an...

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Humidity/Temperature Pen with Memory - Traceable® (45-4093)

Ideal for monitoring RH in labs and plants Continuously and simultaneously displays relative humidity and temperature (in Celsius and Fahrenheit) with dual-recall memories...

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Traceable® Digital Relative Humidity/Temperature Meters (45-4094)

Monitor air conditions in environmental chambers, chemical storage areas, cleanrooms, incubators and stockrooms Continuously and simultaneously displays relative humidity or...

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Traceable® Printing Hygrometer/Thermometer (45-4180)

Ideal for use in hoods, clean rooms, food storage areas, drug manufacturing, all air analysis, and environmental chambers Provides a permanent record by printing current...

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Traceable® Jumbo Thermo-Hygrometer (45-4184)

Fast-response, solid-state sensors show changes in relative humidity, ambient temperature, and (with probe) external temperature in under 30 seconds Unit meets federal requirements for...

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Traceable® Memory Hygrometer/Thermometer (45-4185)

Retains highest and lowest readings recorded over selected period Measures relative humidity from 10 to 95% and temperature from -18° to +93°C (0° to +199.9°F)...

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Dial Hygrometer/Thermometer (45-4186)

Ideal for use in labs, plant areas, and storage facilities Unit is self-contained, stable and accurate without adjustment or maintenance Large analog readout displays 0 to 100%...

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Traceable® Humidity/Temperature Meter/Recorder (45-4187)

Ideal for monitoring conditions in chambers, cleanrooms, food processing facilities, scientific laboratories, and other humidity-sensitive areas Relative humidity range: 10 to 95%...

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Traceable® Hygrometer/Thermometer Meter (45-4189)

Unit simultaneously displays humidity and temperature. One of the newest and fastest humidity sensors ever developed displays full-range humidity changes in 1 second. Ideal for recording wide...

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Traceable® Humidity-on-a-card - Humidity Monitor (45-4192)

Ideal for use with bottles, chemicals, plastic bags, electronics, desiccators, and storage containers Compact cards let you monitor humidity levels in hard-to-reach or...

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Traceable® Radio-Signal Hygrometer / Thermometer (45-4380)

Monitor humidity and temperature from up to 100 ft. away—even outdoors Temperature and humidity readings are transmitted to main unit from remote sensor module To use,...

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