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Digital Thermometers

ScienceLab offers a full line of Digital Thermometers, Laboratory Equipment and Chemicals for any application from clinical to research. We also carry a wide range Educational Products, pH meters, microscopes, thermometers and digital scales.

CheckTemp Thermometer (50-HI98501)

Did you ever wish that your temperature measurements could be made a little easier, in clear digits with a better accuracy, or even over a wider range without worrying about breakage or...

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CheckTemp Thermometer Thumbnail Photo
CheckTemp 1 with Stainless Steel Probe (50-HI98509)

Accurate and Affordable Checktemp 1 is a high accuracy thermometer with a 1 m (3.3') cable between the meter and the probe. The stainless steel probe is perfect for fast response in...

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CheckTemp 1 with Stainless Steel Probe Thumbnail Photo
K-Type Thermocouple Waterproof Thermometer (50-HI935005N)

Min & Max Functions HI 935005 will automatically recall the highest or lowest reading taken. There is also a hold key to freeze the display. High Range w/ Auto Ranging...

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K-Type Thermocouple Waterproof Thermometer Thumbnail Photo
Thermocouple Thermometer (K, J, T-Type) (50-HI93551N)

Three Thermocouple Probe Ranges These powerful thermometers accept input of K, J and T-type thermocouples. The microprocessor will linearize each of the different ranges....

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Thermocouple Thermometer (K, J, T-Type) Thumbnail Photo
Waterproof Thermistor Thermometer (50-HI93510N)

Professional Grade Performance - The high level of accuracy offered by these meters is now consistent across the entire range of measurement. Large Display - The dual-level LCD...

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Waterproof Thermistor Thermometer Thumbnail Photo
NIST Traceable® Digital Thermometers (45-4000)

Scientific thermometer is ideal for critical experimental requirements, quality control, and routine measurements. Unit reads in °C and °F. Expanded temperature range covers...

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NIST Traceable® Digital Thermometers Thumbnail Photo
Traceable® Wide-Range Thermometer (45-4007)

Certified traceable for ISO 9000 and other requirements. With thermocouple sensor. Extra-wide, switch-selectable temperature ranges: -212° to +1200°C and -350° to...

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Traceable® Wide-Range Thermometer Thumbnail Photo
Traceable® Wide Range Thermometer (45-4015)

Technologically advanced, pocket-size thermometer with water-resistant case Constructed of shock-resistant ABS plastic, thermometer is designed for rough handling. Water-resistant case with...

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Traceable® Wide Range Thermometer Thumbnail Photo
Traceable® Expanded Range Thermometers (45-4025)

Shockproof, pocket-size thermometers are ideal for lab, plant, and field use. Shockproof, pocket-size thermometers are ideal for lab, plant, and field use. Expanded range, fast response and...

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Traceable® Expanded Range Thermometers Thumbnail Photo
Traceable® Dual-Channel Thermometer (45-4029)

Displays simultaneous readings from two probes as well as the difference in the two readings Handy for checking temperature variations in incubator or oven, temperature gradient in water...

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Traceable® Dual-Channel Thermometer Thumbnail Photo
Traceable® Waterproof Thermometers (45-4039)

Pocket-sized, digital thermometers that ware waterproof and shockproof! Here's the perfect thermometer for wet areas. Its case is waterproof and shockproof. Easy-view, 1/4 in.H LCD digits...

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Traceable® Waterproof Thermometers Thumbnail Photo
Traceable® Digital Thermometer w/ Alarm (45-4040)

Clock with a brain sits on the bench or desk . Unique unit simultaneously displays time of day, temperature, and humidity. Clock displays A.M./P.M. or 24-hour military time to the exact...

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Traceable® Digital Thermometer w/ Alarm Thumbnail Photo
Traceable® Digital Dial Stem Thermometers (45-4042)

Ideal for cuvettes, soil, incubators, test tubes, biomedical reagents, and petroleum hydrocarbons. Wide temperature span combines the ranges of more than 90 different mercury thermometers. Stem...

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Traceable® Digital Dial Stem Thermometers Thumbnail Photo
Traceable® Digital Thermometer w/ Probe (45-4045)

This is the thermometer to use in foods, soils, cuvets, water baths, wastewater, and incubators. At the touch of a button, display temperatures from –58.0 to 500.8°F and...

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Traceable® Digital Thermometer w/ Probe Thumbnail Photo
Traceable® Monitoring Thermometer (45-4048)

The perfect thermometers for monitoring liquids, air/gas, or semi-solids in tanks, freezers, water baths, incubators, and refrigerators. User may select °F or °C. 10 feet of...

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Traceable® Monitoring Thermometer Thumbnail Photo
Traceable® Jumbo Display Dial Thermometers (45-4049)

Thermometer reads both °F and °C Dedicate this thermometer to a specific test. Provides continuous monitoring for over a year. To provide for even longer battery life, the unit has...

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Traceable® Jumbo Display Dial Thermometers Thumbnail Photo
Traceable® Pocket Thermometers (45-4050)

Pocket Thermometer Safe for all lab tests Stainless-steel-and-plastic construction (no glass or mercury) make it the safest lab thermometer ever designed. Measure temperature in soil,...

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Traceable® Pocket Thermometers Thumbnail Photo
Traceable® Long Stem Thermometers (45-4052)

Great for replacing all mercury thermometers. Perfect-sized unit fits into flasks, cuvets, test tubes, and beakers. Read temperatures in foods, gases, samples, reagents, water baths, and...

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Traceable® Long Stem Thermometers Thumbnail Photo
Traceable® Universal Thermometer with Alarm (45-4110)

Universal Thermometer with Alarm that is affordable and easy to use Use this thermometer anywhere. Constructed of shock-resistant ABS plastic. Water-resistant case is sealed with an O-ring...

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Traceable® Universal Thermometer with Alarm Thumbnail Photo
Traceable® Sentry™ Thermometers (45-4120)

A triple display simultaneously shows current, high, and low temperatures. Instantly shows if water bath, freezer, or incubator is within temperature specifications. Monitor the temperature of...

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Traceable® Sentry™ Thermometers Thumbnail Photo
Traceable® Solar Thermometer (45-4123)

Solar-Powered Thermometer is “always on” and runs for years powered from light in lab or plant. Efficient and cost-saving solar panels make unit environmentally attractive....

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Traceable® Solar Thermometer Thumbnail Photo
Traceable® Platinum RTD Thermometer (45-4132)

High-precision, durable thermometer with platinum RTD probe, and linear "fuzzy logic" chip for wide temperature-range operation. Ideal for experimental applications and in severe...

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Traceable® Platinum RTD Thermometer Thumbnail Photo
Traceable® Two-Channel Thermometer with Offsets (45-4135)

Features recessed front panel with adjustable offsets on two channels. Increases accuracy because you can adjust thermometer to a specific temperature or to a particular sensor. Display can...

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Traceable® Two-Channel Thermometer with Offsets Thumbnail Photo
Traceable® Double Thermometer with Computer Output (45-4137)

Monitors two Type-K probes on separate channels. Jumbo 13/8 in.H (3.5cm) LCD displays temperature of both probes simultaneously, or the temperature of one probe and the difference between...

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Traceable® Double Thermometer with Computer Output Thumbnail Photo
Traceable® Four-Alarmer Thermometers (45-4140)

Thermometer has four unique alarm configurations: alarm triggers when temperature is higher than set point, lower than set point, outside of high and low set points, or inside of high and low...

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Traceable® Four-Alarmer Thermometers Thumbnail Photo
Traceable® Stick Thermometers (45-4144)

Minimum/maximum memory thermometer measures liquid, air/gas, or semi-solids to a resolution of 0.1°. Range is -58.0 to 158.0°F or -50 to 70°C with an accuracy of 1°C . At the...

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Traceable® Stick Thermometers Thumbnail Photo
Traceable® Alarm Thermometer/Timer (45-4147)

Unique thermometer/timer with alarms is perfect for monitoring liquids, air/gas, or semi-solids. Measure in °F or °C with a range of 32 to 392°F and 0 to 200°C....

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Traceable® Alarm Thermometer/Timer Thumbnail Photo
Traceable® Food Thermometer (45-4370)

New piercing thermometer measures the internal temperature of stored, frozen, or prepared food. Stainless-steel probe is ideal for use in soil, brewing, food processing, refrigeration, and...

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Traceable® Food Thermometer Thumbnail Photo
Traceable® Waterproof Thermometers (45-4371)

New heads-up Lollipop™ Traceable® Waterproof/Shockproof Thermometer replaces hazardous mercury units. Stainless-steel probe is resistant to most acids, bases, and solvents. Wide...

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Traceable® Waterproof Thermometers Thumbnail Photo
Traceable® Flipstick Thermometers (45-4372)

New flip-to-open design thermometer is easy to use. Stainless-steel probe may be positioned at any angle. Fold-up, protected probe permits carrying on the wrist strap or in a pocket....

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Traceable® Flipstick Thermometers Thumbnail Photo
Traceable® 10-Memory Thermometer (45-4373)

Waterproof data-log thermometer with alarm Make those scribbled, hard-to-decipher records on scratch paper a thing of the past. Traceable® ten-memory data-log waterproof thermometer...

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Traceable® 10-Memory Thermometer Thumbnail Photo

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