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Tubing Connectors

ScienceLab offers a full line of Tubing Connectors, Laboratory Equipment and Chemicals for any application from clinical to research. We also carry a wide range Educational Products, pH meters, microscopes, thermometers and digital scales.

Glass Tubing T-Shaped Connectors (22-2003-1)

Glass T-Shaped Connecting Tubes with constricted hose connects.

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Glass Tubing T-Shaped Connectors Thumbnail Photo
Glass Tubing Y-Shaped Connectors (22-2004-1)

Y-Connectors connecting tube made of glass.

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Glass Tubing Y-Shaped Connectors Thumbnail Photo
Straight Connectors - Polypropylene (60-195030000)

Straight connector, barbed fittings, excellent chemical resistance. Autoclavable. Each bag contains 12 connectors.

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Straight Connectors - Polypropylene Thumbnail Photo
"Y" Connectors - Polypropylene (60-196120000)

Y style tubing connector with barbed hose fittings. Connector is also autoclavable. Each bag contains 12 connectors.

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Quick Disconnects - Polyethylene (60-197300001)

For Same or Different Sized Tubing Polyethylene connectors are ideal for vacuum applications, water lines, manometers, etc. The 60-19730 series connects same size tubing; 60-19731 series...

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Quick Disconnects - Polyethylene Thumbnail Photo
Stepped Tubing Connectors, Polypropylene (60-195580000)

Strait, barbed tubing fittings with reducing connectors. Each bag contains 12 connectors except 60-195700000 which contains 22 assorted connectors per bag.

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Stepped Tubing Connectors, Polypropylene Thumbnail Photo
"T" Connectors - Polypropylene (60-196030000)

T style tubing connector with barbed hose fittings. Connector is also autoclavable. Each bag contains 12 connectors.

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Complete Fitting Assortment (60-196250000)

Stop wasting time hunting for the right tubing connection. This generous assortment of 76 fittings has everything you need for routine laboratory set-ups. A clear, hinged-top, polystyrene...

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Complete Fitting Assortment Thumbnail Photo
Fittings Assortment Kit (60-196260000)

This assortment of twenty-eight fittings handles most common laboratory tubing connections. In addition to "Y", "T" and straight connectors, the assortment includes clamps for flow control and...

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Fittings Assortment Kit Thumbnail Photo
"5 In 1" Connectors (60-196550000)

Adapts to 15 Combinations as Connector or Reducer The "five-in-one" fits 5 sizes of tubing and will connect the same size tubing on both ends or act as a reducer for any combination within...

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Stat-O-Lok Disconnects (60-197230202)

Quick One-Handed Disconnects with Automatic Shutoff on Disconnect Quick-disconnect in-line tubing connectors. Use Stat-O-Lok™ connecters for one hand, no mess tubing hook-ups. These...

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Stat-O-Lok Disconnects Thumbnail Photo
Reducing Quick Disconnects (60-197270000)

Each Consists of 2 Tight-Fitting, Tapered Connectors. Full range of sizes to fit tubing from 3 to 12mm (1/8" to 1/2") I.D. Consists of two serrated polyethylene connectors which assemble...

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Reducing Quick Disconnects Thumbnail Photo
Poly-Cone Universal Adapter (60-203000000)

This precision-engineered adapter forms a continuous standard taper inside and out, from top to bottom. It withstands temperatures up to 121°C (250°F). It may be cut with a fine-tooth...

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Poly-Cone Universal Adapter Thumbnail Photo

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