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Stopwatches & Timers

ScienceLab offers a full line of Stopwatches & Timers, Laboratory Equipment and Chemicals for any application from clinical to research. We also carry a wide range Educational Products, pH meters, microscopes, thermometers and digital scales.

Lab Controller & Timer, Traceable* (45-5010)

Three-channel alarm timer features clock; three timing alarms; audible and visual alarms; manual OFF; metric converter; calculator; repeat channel, memory channel, and stopwatch channel....

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Lab Controller & Timer, Traceable* Thumbnail Photo
Electronic Programmable Controllers, Traceable* (45-5050)

Program up to 14 unique switchings per day allocated over four separate weekly programs. Use the Repeat mode to set the same cycle each day for 365 days. Or set for 14 unique programs...

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Electronic Programmable Controllers, Traceable* Thumbnail Photo
24-Hour Controller Strip (45-5055)

Eight-outlet strip is combined with a 24-hour controller—permits turn-on of chemical, water, or air pumps in the sampling process; warming up of instruments at preset times; automated...

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24-Hour Controller Strip Thumbnail Photo
7-Day Controller Power Strips, Traceable* (45-5056)

Controller will turn equipment on and off in intervals as short as 1 minute or as long as 168 hours. Set 84 on/off A.M./P.M. switchings per week with up to 12 different switchings per day. Turn...

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7-Day Controller Power Strips, Traceable* Thumbnail Photo
Programmable Repeating Controllers (45-5060)

Turn lab equipment on or off at 30-minute to 7-day intervals. Program up to 48 unique switchings per day or up to 84 per week. To program, simply depress pins at the desired "on" times. The...

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Programmable Repeating Controllers Thumbnail Photo
Walkaway™ Count-up Controllers, Traceable* (45-5057)

Controllers that Turn appliances either off or off and on. Timers Control equipment up to 99 hours. Repeat Turn-on/Turn-off. Perform reproducible stirring, heating, or pumping...

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Walkaway™ Count-up Controllers, Traceable* Thumbnail Photo
Digital Outlet Controller - Traceable® (45-5090)

Can be programmed to turn equipment on and off any time of the day in intervals as short as one minute or as long as 168 hours Permits programming 14 different switchings per day...

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Digital Outlet Controller - Traceable® Thumbnail Photo
Countdown Controller - Traceable® (45-5095)

Allows programming up to 96 ON/OFF settings per week with easy-to-use time-of-day mode. Controller allows you to turn your electrical equipment on or off at any 1-minute interval...

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Countdown Controller - Traceable® Thumbnail Photo
Traceable® Memory Stopwatch (45-1025)

Three-line display simultaneously shows running time, cumulative split, and interval split. Sixty memories recall all splits, display sample numbers 1-60, and show interval split longest,...

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Traceable® Memory Stopwatch Thumbnail Photo
Traceable® Digital Stopwatches (45-1030)

Precise, Traceable® timing for enzyme tests, viscosity measurements, animal studies, and all timed lab tests. Made for scientists in industrial, educational, hospital, and governmental labs...

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Traceable® Digital Stopwatches Thumbnail Photo
Traceable® Water/Shock Resistant Stopwatches (45-1045)

Choose from a waterproof/shockproof model or a water-/shock-resistant model. Both units time to 24 hours. With single-action, time-in/time-out, cumulative split and continuous timing....

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Traceable® Water/Shock Resistant Stopwatches Thumbnail Photo
Digital Stopwatches - Traceable* (45-1047)

Extra-tough ABS plastic shockproof construction makes these stopwatches ideal for lab and plant use. LCD digital stopwatch reads times up to 24 hours (Excluding 45-1048, it's range...

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Digital Stopwatches - Traceable* Thumbnail Photo
Traceable® Digital Bench Timer (45-1221)

The perfect size bench-top timer with a large-screen LCD and a small, lab-bench footprint. Times up from 0.01 second to 9 hours, 59 minutes, 59 seconds, and 99 hundredths of a second....

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Traceable® Digital Bench Timer Thumbnail Photo
Compact Timer (45-1004)

Set this ruggedly-built, mechanical compact timer from 1 to 120 minutes. A loud, 5-second ring signals elapsed time for all lab tests. Moving pointer always shows time remaining to zero. Modern...

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Compact Timer Thumbnail Photo
Traceable® Lab Bench Timer (45-1021)

Lab’s new timing standard—the Traceable® Bench Timer Times from 0.001 second to 999 hours. Precise timing and an eight-digit, 1/2-inch-high, bright-intensity LED display make...

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Traceable® Lab Bench Timer Thumbnail Photo
1-Hour Pocket Timer (45-1060)

Four-digit LCD display always shows the time remaining in hours and minutes. Program it in 1-minute increments from 20 hours to 1 minute. At zero, a beeping alarm sounds for 60 seconds or may be...

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1-Hour Pocket Timer Thumbnail Photo
60 Minute Interval Timer (45-1062)

Interval Timer is adjustable Adjustable from 0 to 60 minutes in 1-minute increments. Setting pointer to desired interval winds the time automatically. Use as a timer or to mark elapsed time....

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60 Minute Interval Timer Thumbnail Photo
Time & Number Printer, Traceable* (45-3260)

Prints date, time, countup/countdown number, and/or message. Portable electronic stamper is ideal for dating documents, time-tracking samples, consecutively numbering specimens, time...

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Time & Number Printer, Traceable* Thumbnail Photo
3-Channel Alarm Timer - Traceable® (45-5000)

Accuracy of 0.001% Three-line display Three-channel timing with individual or simultaneous start "thru-zero" function counts down, alarms and counts up Counts down and up...

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3-Channel Alarm Timer - Traceable® Thumbnail Photo
Traceable® Original Lab Timer (45-5002)

Timer signals drying and incubating times, helps catch all test results, and even alarms for appointments. The ideal bench-mate for quality-control and experimental requirements. Program 3...

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Traceable® Original Lab Timer Thumbnail Photo
Traceable® Big Digit 4-Channel Timer (45-5004)

Giant 3/4 in. high display for greater readability Features count down, count up (stopwatch), time-out, and time of day When zero is reached, alarm sounds...

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Traceable® Big Digit 4-Channel Timer Thumbnail Photo
8-Channel Alarm Timer (45-5005)

The only timer manufactured with a continuously-adjustable alarm-volume control. Can be set from “whisper” low at the lab bench to “ear-piercing” loud for noisy plant...

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8-Channel Alarm Timer Thumbnail Photo
Traceable® Two-Memory Timer (45-5006)

Count on Two-Memory Timer to deliver on-the-dot timing operations, whether counting up or down from 23 hours, 59 minutes, 59 seconds. Features a timing accuracy of 0.01% and a 1-second...

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Traceable® Two-Memory Timer Thumbnail Photo
Traceable® Lab-Top Timer (45-5007)

Lab-Top Timer is built expressly for bench use. LCD screen is designed for viewing at any angle (sitting or standing). Ease of operation, versatile timing modes, extra-large keys, and the...

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Traceable® Lab-Top Timer Thumbnail Photo
Traceable® 3-Channel Jumbo Timer (45-5008)

User-friendly timer displays three different countdown/alarm times simultaneously. Three unique channels may be started individually or concurrently and programmed to count down from 99 hours,...

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Traceable® 3-Channel Jumbo Timer Thumbnail Photo
Traceable® Big-Foot Timer™ (45-5009)

Timer signals drying and incubating times, helps catch all test results, and even alarms for appointments. Pays for itself by saving just one missed lab analysis. Allows simultaneous...

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Traceable® Big-Foot Timer™ Thumbnail Photo
Traceable® Extra-Extra Loud Timer™ (45-5014)

One-hundred-decibel screamer Both channels may be used simultaneously as countdown, count up (stopwatch), or in any combination of count up/countdown. Memories return the display to the...

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Traceable® Extra-Extra Loud Timer™ Thumbnail Photo
Traceable® Talking Timer (45-5015)

Innovative countdown timer talks. It counts down, talks, times up, and tells time of day with Traceable ® precision. Never again need you glance at your timer. During countdown, voice...

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Traceable® Talking Timer Thumbnail Photo
Traceable® Alarm Timer/Stopwatch (45-5020)

Numbered keys make it a breeze to set a countdown time Remarkable timer counts down with an alarm and counts up with a time-out feature. Program it to count down from 99 minutes, 99 seconds...

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Traceable® Alarm Timer/Stopwatch Thumbnail Photo
Traceable® 100-Hour Mini-Alarm Timer (45-5021)

Versatile timer incorporates all lab timing (alarm timing, down timing, stopwatch, time-out, and memory). Memory Counts down with an alarm and may be set to count up and alarm. It also...

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Traceable® 100-Hour Mini-Alarm Timer Thumbnail Photo
Traceable® Jumbo Timers (45-5022)

Allows simultaneous programming of 2 different activities from 24 hours to 1 second. Resolution is 1 second; accuracy is 0.01%. Each channel has a distinct electronic alarm and display indicator...

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Traceable® Jumbo Timers Thumbnail Photo
Traceable® Triple Display Timer (45-5025)

Time 3 tests simultaneously with ease Three-line display permits simultaneous countdown alarm timing of 3 tests. Extra-large, 1/2-inch digits are easy to read from across the lab. Times may...

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Traceable® Triple Display Timer Thumbnail Photo
Traceable® QC Timer™ (45-5026)

Ideal QC (quality control) countdown and alarm timer combines easy, 3-button operation with giant-size digits. Learn its operation in less than 10 seconds without ever opening the directions....

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Traceable® QC Timer™ Thumbnail Photo
Traceable® Triple-Purpose Timer™ (45-5027)

At the press of a button, this big-digit timer displays countdown alarm time, stopwatch (count-up) time, and time of day (AM/PM and 24-hour format). Full keyboard (0-9 keys) makes entering times...

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Traceable® Triple-Purpose Timer™ Thumbnail Photo
Traceable® 99M/59S Timer™ (45-5028)

Timer counts down from 99 minutes, 59 seconds in second increments with 3-button ease and big-digit visibility. Automatic memory resets the display to the last programmed time—ideal for...

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Traceable® 99M/59S Timer™ Thumbnail Photo
Traceable® Memory Timer (45-5030)

Save time on repetitive tests with Traceable® Memory Timer Unique timer counts down with an alarm and remembers the setting. Program countdown times from 24 hours to 1 minute in...

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Traceable® Memory Timer Thumbnail Photo
Visual Alarm Timer, Traceable* (45-5133)

Timer counts down from 9999 minutes in minute increments and has a countdown resolution of 1 second for times under 99 minutes. With the flip of a switch, select either an audible alarm, or...

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Visual Alarm Timer, Traceable* Thumbnail Photo
Traceable® Advanced Memory Timer™ (45-5035)

Timer remembers the last time set, counts down, alarms, and counts up. Use it to count down/up from 24 hours to 1 second in increments of 1 second. One of the most versatile timers for the lab....

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Traceable® Advanced Memory Timer™ Thumbnail Photo
Traceable® Water Resistant Timer (45-5036)

Splash-proof, water-resistant timer is ideal for wet labs, wash-down areas, plants, and field use Times from 99 minutes, 59 seconds to zero with 1 second resolution. When zero is reached a...

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Traceable® Water Resistant Timer Thumbnail Photo
Traceable® 100-Hour Timer (45-5040)

Reduce uncertainty in your life—own our friendliest timer Counts down, alarms, times up, and tells time of day with uncompromising precision. But it’s also very user-friendly....

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Traceable® 100-Hour Timer Thumbnail Photo
Traceable® Key Chain Timer (45-5041)

Unique timer is easy to use. Counts down, alarms, and functions as a stopwatch. One of the handiest timers ever designed-holds your keys or hooks onto your lab coat buttonhole. Four-digit LCD...

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Traceable® Key Chain Timer Thumbnail Photo
Traceable® Fingertip Timer™ (45-5042)

Easy-to-use timer has a repeat memory function for repetitive tests. Three-button operation can be learned in less than 10 seconds. Everyone in the lab will enjoy using this...

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Traceable® Fingertip Timer™ Thumbnail Photo
Traceable® Tie Timer™ (45-5043)

Wear this countdown timer around your neck Know at a glance the time remaining with this “never missing” timer on a 36-inch lanyard. Extraordinarily lightweight, it’s less than...

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Traceable® Tie Timer™ Thumbnail Photo
Traceable® Timer Plus™ (45-5045)

Costs so little, everyone deserves one! Now know the convenience of having your own timekeeper instead of borrowing one Six-digit 1/4-inch-high LCD display always shows time remaining in...

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Traceable® Timer Plus™ Thumbnail Photo
Traceable® Clip-It Timer™ (45-5046)

Clip-It Timer counts down, alarms, and functions as a stopwatch The handiest timer ever designed clips to your lab coat, belt, notebook, clipboard, or anywhere. You'll never lose your own...

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Traceable® Clip-It Timer™ Thumbnail Photo
Traceable® Touch Timer™ (45-5047)

Four-digit LCD display may be programmed to count down and alarm from 19 hours, 59 minutes to 1 minute in any minute increment. Two-button operation makes it extremely easy to use. Loud-beeping...

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Traceable® Touch Timer™ Thumbnail Photo
Traceable® Multiple Alarm Timer (45-5048)

This unique device allows labs to set up to 96 different alarms daily The perfect unit to program a complete analysis. Set it to signal in 1 hour as a reminder to remove a sample from the...

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Traceable® Multiple Alarm Timer Thumbnail Photo
Traceable® Instant-Recall Memory Timer (45-5122)

Traceable® Instant-Recall Memory Timer Input a time and the instant memory always returns the display to the programmed time. This is the ideal timer to dedicate to a routinely timed...

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Traceable® Instant-Recall Memory Timer Thumbnail Photo
Traceable® Double Display Timer (45-5127)

Timer allows simultaneous programming of two different activities from 20 hours to 1 second. Resolution is 1 second; accuracy is 0.01%. Each channel has a distinct electronic alarm and display...

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Traceable® Double Display Timer Thumbnail Photo

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