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Tubing Clamps & Tubing Cutters

ScienceLab offers a full line of Tubing Clamps & Tubing Cutters, Laboratory Equipment and Chemicals for any application from clinical to research. We also carry a wide range Educational Products, pH meters, microscopes, thermometers and digital scales.

Mohr's Pinchcock Tubing Clamps (10-G41-42)

Sturdily constructed Mohr's pinchcock tubing clamp. For tubing up to 13 mm for 10-G41 and 16 mm for 10-G42 Outer Diameter.

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Glass Tubing Cutter (10-2400)

Glass tubing cutter is made of durable construction. Chrome plated for long lasting use in any environment. Spring loaded for quick access....

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Hose/Tubing Clamp Assortment (45-3280)

Assortment includes 65 clamps, 5 of each of the 13 sizes of Tight-Seal Clamps listed below. Handy kit ensures that the proper size is immediately available. One-piece, reusable nylon...

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Swing Jaw Tubing Clamps (60-182200000)

Strong, simple, and safe to use clamps that can be installed and removed without disconnecting tubing. Zinc-plated steel provides a non-slip closure for all flexible tubing- even heavy-walled...

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Plastic Tubing Cutter (60-210100000)

The portable, pocket-sized cutter cuts flexible tubing from 1.6mm to 19mm (1/16" to 3/4") O.D. The jaw is lightly spring-loaded and closes automatically for safety. The hardened steel blade, which...

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Microtube Cutter (60-210180000)

This practical tool safely and easily removes the tips from plastic micro tubes and eliminates the hazards of using razor blades or knives. The cutter makes it easy to retrieve radioactive pellets...

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Screw Clamps (60-182120000)

This tubing clamp offers on/off and fine control so accurately that it replaces stopcocks in many applications. It may be put in place without disconnecting tubing or interrupting your operation....

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Spring Tubing Clamps (60-182130000)

Perfect for all flexible tubing, this positive-action, self-closing clamp opens by squeezing the handles together. Made of chemical and stain-resistant Delrin® plastic and stainless steel.

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Tubing Clamps, Jaw Type (60-182180000)

Strong acetal plastic clamp with serrated jaws provides secure closure on tubing with a wall of .82 mm (1/32 ") or thinner. The open clamp slides over tubing for easy installation at any point and...

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Screw-Clamp Compressors (60-182250000)

Strong, open-jaw type nylon tubing clamp accepts any tubing up to 6.4mm (1/4") O.D. Angled jaws prevent tube from slipping out. 12 per bag.

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Tubing Clamps (60-182270000)

Mini Clamp: Single position on/off clamp gives positive shut-off with fingertip control. Use for thin-wall tubing under 4.7mm(3/16") O.D Mid Range: 15-position stepped adjustment...

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Klik Klip Wire and Tubing Clip (60-182340000)

These individual clips neatly hold computer wires and tubing such as flexible vinyl, rubber, silicone, latex, polyurethane or Teflon® used in pump lines, gravity flow lines and air flow...

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Tubing Holder (60-182350000)

Clips on Beakers and Pitchers Hold flexible tubing steady in beakers or pitchers with this polycarbonate clip. It fits securely onto the edge and has a 51mm (2") long arm with a hole to...

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