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Utensils for Sampling

ScienceLab offers a full line of Utensils for Sampling, Laboratory Equipment and Chemicals for any application from clinical to research. We also carry a wide range Educational Products, pH meters, microscopes, thermometers and digital scales.

Deflagration Spoon, Stainless Steel (10-329)

Stainless steel with a 3/4" cup and 18" handle angled at 50 degrees to eliminate the need for a hand shield.

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Deflagration Spoon, Stainless Steel Thumbnail Photo
3-Zone Powder Sampler (60-378290000)

Extract Sample at 3 Levels from One Container For proper sampling of powders, pellets and other friable materials which may become non-homogeneous in bags, this three zone sampler is...

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3-Zone Powder Sampler Thumbnail Photo
Spatula, Stainless Steel, Semi-Micro (10-1832)

Fine quality spatula, crafted from chemical resistant stainless steel. Spoon bowl is 30mm x 9mm. Spatula is 45mm x 9mm.

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Spatula, Stainless Steel, Semi-Micro Thumbnail Photo
Sterileware Economy Sample Spoons (60-367400001)

Sterile sampling of accurate small quantities of dry or liquid measures is effortless with these new Sterile Economy Sampling Spoons. The inexpensive one-piece spoons are individually sterile...

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Sterileware Economy Sample Spoons Thumbnail Photo
Assorted Size Scoops, Polypropylene (60-367470000)

Six Sizes to Choose Molded polypropylene; rigid, strong and smooth. Steam autoclavable at 121ºC (250ºF). Special prices on yearly contracts for large runs.

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Assorted Size Scoops, Polypropylene Thumbnail Photo
Sterileware* Samplit* Sterile Scoop and Container System (60-369150000)

This new sterile collection device incorporates a sturdy sampling scoop that threads into a dedicated leak proof 190ml (6.5oz) container ensuring safe and efficient isolation of material. Each...

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Sterileware* Samplit* Sterile Scoop and Container System Thumbnail Photo
SterilewareŽ Mini Tongs (60-379440000)

These small lightweight tongs are ideal for sampling small quantities of material ranging from food to pharmaceuticals. One piece tongs are molded of polystyrene with ridged jaws to securely hold...

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SterilewareŽ Mini Tongs Thumbnail Photo
Sampling Scoops & Container Systems (60-175900000)

This new collection device incorporates a sturdy sampling scoop that threads into a dedicated leak proof 190ml (6.5oz) container ensuring safe and efficient isolation of material. The rigid scoop...

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Sampling Scoops & Container Systems Thumbnail Photo
Balance Spoons, Stainless Steel (60-367060000)

Choice of Polished Steel or Non-Stick Teflon® Coated Supplied in plain polished stainless steel or with a Teflon® coating containing FEP. The balance spoon is 17cm (6.7") long and...

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Balance Spoons, Stainless Steel Thumbnail Photo
Large Stainless Steel Lab Spoon (60-367110012)

Extra Length for Sampling from Large Bottles This large stainless steel lab spoon is 305mm (12") long for reaching into larger bottles. One end is a flat spatula measuring 31mm (1.2") wide;...

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Large Stainless Steel Lab Spoon Thumbnail Photo
Reagent Digger (60-367130000)

The Ideal Utensil for Retrieving Stubborn Samples Eliminate waste by using this super stainless steel utensil. Dislodge stubborn, caked or crystallized reagents from deep down inside a bottle...

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Reagent Digger Thumbnail Photo
Mini Sampler Spoons (60-367210005)

Disposable Mini Measures Ideal for retrieving small, specific volume samples of powders or similar materials. Use a separate spoon for each material sampled to avoid cross contamination....

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Mini Sampler Spoons Thumbnail Photo
Sampler Spoons (60-367230000)

Choose the Bowl Size for Your Needs These long-handled spoons are convenient for reaching into jars and bottles. Molded of talc-filled polypropylene, they are steam autoclavable at 121ºC...

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Sampler Spoons Thumbnail Photo
Stainless Steel Spoons (60-367290015)

Dual Bowl Sizes on a Sturdy Handle Double-ended, stainless steel spoons with a solid, rounded shaft. Available in plain polished stainless steel or with ends coated with Fluo-Kem®...

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Stainless Steel Spoons Thumbnail Photo
Fluo-Kem Teflon FEP Coated Aluminum Scoops (60-367330000)

FDA Compliant for Food Contact Coating is anti-stick, corrosion resistant brown Fluo-Kem® Teflon® containing FEP, which complies with FDA regulations for food contact. Handle is not...

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Fluo-Kem Teflon FEP Coated Aluminum Scoops Thumbnail Photo
Economy Sampling Spoons (60-367400021)

Economical small measures These economical measures are ideal for retrieving small, specific volume samples of powders or liquids. Their unique flat bottom shape allows them to be used as...

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Economy Sampling Spoons Thumbnail Photo
Large Flat Edge Scoop (60-367580000)

Large Flat Edge for Easy Scooping Rectangular shape molded of rigid polypropylene. Excellent for scooping ice cubes. Holds approximately 2 liters (1/2 gal) with rounded corners for easy...

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Large Flat Edge Scoop Thumbnail Photo
Large Fabricated Scoops (60-367580001)

Practical Non-Spill Design in Three Useful Sizes Large, heavy duty, polyethylene scoops are strong, durable and excellent for scooping dry powders, granules or crystals. They have a closed...

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Large Fabricated Scoops Thumbnail Photo
Ladles/Sampler, HDPE (60-367740000)

Safely Sample and Dispense Corrosive Liquids High-density polyethylene ladle features a rigid bowl with a handle securely welded 30 degrees from horizontal.

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Ladles/Sampler, HDPE Thumbnail Photo
Ellipso-Spoon Samplers (60-368060015)

Unique Shape Means No Missed Sample in Corners This utensil’s specially curved shape permits contact with all corners of bottles and containers; therefore, no loss of material occurs....

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Ellipso-Spoon Samplers Thumbnail Photo
Sterileware Scoops (60-369020000)

3 Convenient Sizes for All Applications Sampling scoops are the perfect shape and size for taking samples, especially from wide-mouth containers. Designed to hold various capacities, the...

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Sterileware Scoops Thumbnail Photo
Sterileware Red Scoops (60-369022002)

Bright red color helps these scoops stand out and reduces the chance of them being accidentally left behind in a sample. Color can also serve as a code to avoid cross contamination and provides a...

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Sterileware Red Scoops Thumbnail Photo
Sterileware Scoop and Bag Sampler (60-369100000)

Ideal for Food, Pharmaceutical and Environmental Testing This system includes a sterile 60ml (2oz) sampling scoop and sterile polyethylene bag to hold the sample, both sealed together in a...

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Sterileware Scoop and Bag Sampler Thumbnail Photo
Sterileware Scoop Sampling System (60-369220000)

One Step Sterile Sampling This system eliminates the cost of separate sterile bags or containers, saving time and money in your sample collection process. The polystyrene scoop, with a...

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Sterileware Scoop Sampling System Thumbnail Photo
Sterileware Economy Sampling Scoops (60-369330001)

Sterile sampling of accurate specific quantities of dry or liquid measures is effortless with these new Sterile Economy Sampling Scoops. The inexpensive one-piece scoops are individually packaged...

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Sterileware Economy Sampling Scoops Thumbnail Photo
Economy Sampling Scoops (60-369330021)

These new Economy Sampling Scoops are an inexpensive and accurate measure for smaller quantities of dry or liquid measures. Accurate capacity is listed on each scoop and leveling the sample to the...

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Economy Sampling Scoops Thumbnail Photo
Sterileware Sampling Spoons (60-369400000)

For Smaller Sampling Needs Designed to gather small amounts of sample material, these sampling spoons come in four sizes. The long handle reaches easily into confined areas and minimizes the...

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Sterileware Sampling Spoons Thumbnail Photo
Sterileware Large Sampling Spoon (60-369480000)

This large sterile spoon is ideal for sampling semi-solids, viscous liquids or bulk materials. Each 25cc (0.8oz) spoon is molded of high imapct polystrene. The overall length is 254mm (10"),...

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Sterileware Large Sampling Spoon Thumbnail Photo
Sterileware Sampling Knife (60-369650000)

Ideal for Cutting Small Samples from Large Pieces This sterile polystyrene sampler knife has a blade that is serrated on one edge and smooth on the other. The smooth edge can be used as a...

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Sterileware Sampling Knife Thumbnail Photo
Sample Cutter (60-369660000)

Multi Function Tool The Sample Cutter is a molded polycarbonate tool for handling samples of semi solid foods or materials. The three tined fork has a sharp rocker knife on its back edge and...

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Sample Cutter Thumbnail Photo

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