Name vanadium
Symbol V
Atomic Weight 50.9415
Atomic Number 23
CAS ID 7440-62-2
Group Number 5
Group Name (none)
Period Number 4
Origin of Name Named after Vanadis, Scandinavian goddess.
Year Discovered 1801
Discovery Credits Discovered by A. M. del Rio at Mexico City; rediscovered in 1831 by N. G. Selfstrom at Falun, Sweden.
Class Metallic
Color Silvery Gray Metallic
Standard State Solid at 77 F & 298 K
Description Shiny, silvery metal, soft when pure. Resists corrosion due to protective oxide film. Attacked by concentrated acids but not by fused alkalis. Used mainly as alloys and in steel.

Diagnostic tests: 
Vanadium is usually detected by the color it imparts to the fluxes.

With a borax bead test in the oxidizing flame, the bead is yellow when hot, changing to a yellowish green to almost colorless when cold.  In a Na2(NH4)(PO4) bead  under oxidizing conditions, vanadium is yellow to deep amber (hot) yielding slightly less color on cooling. In the reducing flame, it becomes a dirty green color (hot) and a fine green color when cold.

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