Name lithium
Symbol Li
Atomic Weight 6.941
Atomic Number 3
CAS ID 7439-93-2
Group Number 1
Group Name Alkali Metal
Period Number 2
Origin of Name Greek, lithos = "stone."
Year Discovered 1817
Discovery Credits Discovered by J. A. Arfvedson at Stockholm, Sweden. Isolated by W. T. Brande 1821.
Class Metallic
Color Silvery White and Gray
Standard State Solid at 77 F & 298 K
Description Soft, white, silvery metal. Reacts slowly with oxygen and water. Used in alloys (with Al and Mg), greases, batteries, glass, medicine, and nuclear bombs.

Diagnostic tests: 
In solution, a lithium will give an intense carmine-red flame test color, the color somewhat resembling that of the strontium flame but deeper. In very small quantities it is visible using a diffraction spectroscope.

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