Name cadmium
Symbol Cd
Atomic Weight 112.411
Atomic Number 48
CAS ID 7440-43-9
Group Number 12
Group Name (none)
Period Number 5
Origin of Name Latin, cadmia = calomine
Year Discovered 1817
Discovery Credits Discovered by F. Stromeyer at Gottingen, Germany.
Class Metallic
Color Silvery gray metallic
Standard State Solid at 77 F & 298 K
Description Silvery metal. Tarnishes in air, soluble in acids but not alkalis. Used in rechargeable batteries, alloys, pigments.

Diagnostic tests: 
On charcoal with soda (Na2CO3), compounds of cadmium give a characteristic sublimate of the reddish brown oxide.
In solution, the addition of Na2S or (NH4)2S produces a bright yellow precipitate of CdS.

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