Name gold
Symbol Au
Atomic Weight 196.96655
Atomic Number 79
CAS ID 7440-57-5
Group Number 11
Group Name Coinage Metal
Period Number 6
Origin of Name Anglo-Saxon, gold
Year Discovered Prehistoric
Discovery Credits Known to pre-historic humans
Class Metallic
Color gold
Standard State Solid at 77 F & 298 K
Description Soft metal with characteristic yellow color. Highest malleability and ductility of any element. Unaffected by air, water, acids (except HNO3-HCl), and alkalis. Used as bullion, in jewelry, electronics, and glass.

Diagnostic tests:
Commonly occurs as the native element. Gold is easily reduced from it's minerals on charcoal by heating in the reducing flame. The resultant metallic bead is gold in color and malleable.

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