Name silver
Symbol Ag
Atomic Weight 107.8682(2)
Atomic Number 47
CAS ID 7440-22-4
Group Number 11
Group Name Coinage
Period Number 5
Origin of Name Anglo Saxon, siolfur = "silver": Latin, argentum
Year Discovered Prehistoric
Discovery Credits Known to ancient civilizations.
Class Metallic
Color Silver
Standard State Solid at 77 F & 298 K
Description Soft, malleable metal with characteristic silver sheen. Stable to water and oxygen but attacked by sulfur compounds in air to form black sulfide layer. Dissolves in sulfuric and nitric acid. Used in photography, silverware, jewelry, electrical industry, and glass (mirrors).

Diagnostic tests: 
Easily reduced on charcoal using a blowpipe or propane torch after roasting the sample forming a malleable silvery bead. 
Silver, along with lead and mercury form white, insoluble chlorides from aqueous solutions.

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