Volume Conversion Calculator

This calculator will let you convert between various volume measurements with a few quick clicks of your mouse.

Easily convert to and from acre foot, acre foot (US survey), acre inch, barrel (UK, wine), barrel (UK), barrel (US, dry), barrel (US, federal), barrel (US, liquid), barrel (US, petroleum), barrel (US, spirits), board foot, bucket (UK), bushel (UK), bushel (US, dry), centiliter, cord (firewood), cord foot (timber), cubic centimeter (cc), cubic cubit (ancient egypt), cubic decimeter, cubic dekameter, cubic foot, cubic inch, cubic kilometer, cubic meter, cubic mile, cubic millimeter, cubic yard, cup (Canada), cup (metric), cup (US), deciliter, dekaliter, fifth, gallon (UK), gallon (US, dry), gallon (US, liquid), gill (UK), gill (US), hectare meter, hectoliter, hogshead (UK), hogshead (US), jigger, kiloliter, liter, measure (ancient hebrew), megaliter, microliter, milliliter, ounce (UK, liquid), ounce (US, liquid), peck (UK), peck (US), pint (UK), pint (US, dry), pint (US, liquid), pipe (UK), pipe (US), pony, quart (Germany), quart (ancient hebrew), quart (UK), quart (US, dry), quart (US, liquid), quarter (UK, liquid), scruple (UK, liquid) and stere volume measurements.

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