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Online trading accounts can benefit many types of investors, from the. Fidelity. Commission Flat-fee trading. Account minimum Free to open. Whether you're ready to open your first discount brokerage account or simply. how the brokerage does at sending you all relevant material you ask for online. I have been using Fidelity as this is who my employer uses to set up my 401k. Quite the contrary; most have developed extensive online trading platforms themselves to throw their weight around in the market, and Fidelity is no exception. Short Video Seminars On A Skalping Forex Schedule Supply And Demand Forex Home And Business Attorney Software AMFX offers you the ability to trade the global financial markets through secure, innovative and cutting edge technological platforms. AMFX is a leading forex broker. What is Forex trading, really? For starters, it's an income opportunity accessible by anyone with a computer and internet access. However, few truly understand this.