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В 1972 году AMEX почти сравнялась с Нью-Йоркской фондовой биржей NYSE по листингу, но с появлением электронной биржи NASDAQ с AMEX начался отток. Inside the Exchange. New York Stock Exchange, Intercontinental Exchange Announce Increased Capacity, Enhanced Performance for SFTI Network New York Stock Exchange The Free Encyclopedia New York Stock Exchange. S&P 500 Forex Parity New York Stock Exchange - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Alcoa Inc. AA Interactive Chart - NYSE AA, Alcoa Inc.

Нью-Йорк қор биржасы New York Stock Exchange, NYSE — әлемдегі ең ірі және АҚШ-тың бас қор биржасы. Announcing the New NYSE Connect iPad App Version 2.0. The Receivables Exchange recently surpassed $1 billion of corporate receivables sold through its. Nyu-York fond birjası inglizçä New York Stock Exchange, NYSE — Nyu-York Woll-Stritta urnaşqan AQŞ töp birjası, äyläneşe buyınça dönya berençe.

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