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Use pack to go from several pieces of data to one fixed-width version; use unpack to. To pack dates stored as triplets day, month, year in an array. NUL-padded string new in PHP 5.5. If you need to unpack a signed short from big-endian or little-endian specifically, instead of machine-byte-order. New Year To Unpack Forex I shall answer asks later because i need to unpack my luggage plus reorganise my room. с тегом #happy new year guys! Free Binary Option Predictions Black Scholes Is it possible to unpack a tuple in Python without creating unwanted variables. Is it worthwhile to pay for boosting SEO for a new wesite?

Сервис My Opera закрыт. Сервис My Opera закрылся 3 марта 2014 г. Информацию об Opera по-прежнему можно найти в нашем блоге, форумах и на наших. Sia forgoes her disguise to unpack a Chandelier in her Hollywood home. in a black bikini with gold bead detailing as she rings in the new year in Bali X = 10 -- global variable do -- new block local x = x -- new 'x', with value 10 printx -- 10 x =. This table must have fields year, month, and day.

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