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Working strategy and moving step by step to the goal is quite enough. If you break simple rules of money management, no forex super strategy will ever. With our service, your successful strategy can make you a profit even in case of a small start-up budget. very simple job, add the account number in. By Eddie Flower on May 25, 2014 in How does the forex market work. Trading strategy ideas / 38 comments. Simple but very effective, as all. Gold Binary Option System Search Results How Much Does A Stock Broker Trainee Make What Does A Binary Options Broker Do Ok, so you want to know how much money does a stock broker earn. degree, you would start as a stockbroker trainee with a brokerage firm. So, how do you become one and how much money can you make. The average stockbroker salary for a trainee is around £300 - £500 a. They make prices and execute trades, seeking to maximise assets or. is risk - sales traders do not take risk while flow/proprietary traders take risks seeking reward. Typical basic starting salaries for trainee financial traders can range from. to be placed on the Stock Exchange's list of people who are eligible to trade.