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Популярное БЕСПЛАТНОЕ пособие по рынку FOREX. Звонок по России бесплатный. E-mail email protected Forex News Calendar. Forex Peace Army News Calendar is created by a News Trader as an ultimate research tool for all other. Open permalink in new window Mailing Of News Forex Forex Breaking News Dux Forex is aware of the slow issue or 500 error that you may be experiencing and we will. Our analyst have decades of forex experience. Binary Options Or Reviews Does Forex News Trading really work? Many people think fundamental analysis doesn’t work, and the main reason for this is because they simply don’t understand it correctly. Over the last 2 weeks we’ve had a couple of news announcements that have confused people into thinking that news trading is pretty random, and almost impossible to make consistent profits from. I will look at this event in more detail and explain why things moved the way they did. The particular event was Australian private capital expenditure, and this figure came out at -4.2% which was much worse than the expected 1.6%. Many retail traders who look at that particular figure would think that the AUD would fall off much worse than expected data. However surprisingly, the AUDUSD rallied almost 100 pips, which continued into the following day where it broke 0.9300. Many people would see this and instantly think that news trading doesn’t work, and it’s completely random. Basically, this is not the case, and anyone who thinks that simply doesn’t understand how news trading works. Which is the reason I’m trying to explain it, and give you a better understanding of why things move the way they do. You’ve got to look behind the headline figure, and in this case with the Australian private capital expenditure, overall companies were investing less which is of course negative, however there was two things you need to bear in mind from this figure. Firstly, the projections for the coming year were much revised up, which provides a very positive outlook. Secondly, it was shown that companies and businesses away from the mining sector which is one of Australia’s biggest industries were expanding at a faster pace, and the reason that’s important is because the RBA is focused on getting Australia away from relying heavily on mining and exporting commodities, particularly to China. So in summary, they are trying to move away from depending on mining so heavily, and from that figure, it showed that the transition from mining to non-mining is going very smoothly, which overall is bullish for the AUD.

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