Forex Rollover Interest

A lesson on what rollover is and how it works for traders of the forex market. There is an interest payment or credit involved with this however. At ThinkForex, we provide extremely competitive forex swap rates to our clients. Swap rates are the interest rate differentials embedded in currency trades. Forex Rollover Interest Use rollover rates to calculate interest on a Forex trade. Contact your Forex broker to find out the overnight interest rate for each currency in a pair you're. Sell How To Win In Binary Options Quotes A forex swap rate is defined as an overnight or rollover interest that is earned or paid for holding positions overnight in foreign exchange trading.

Basically, for individual trading forex via retail forex brokers, a rollover fee in the forex market consists of the amount that the broker will charge. Forex Rollover / Premium automatically occurs each evening between and. To avoid rollover interest debits or credits on your positions, simply make sure. Use our online forex calculator to complete a number of important trading. Whenever you keep a position open overnight a swap/rollover fee is charged.

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