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Micro account is the kind of trading account that is perfect for those Forex traders who are new to this kind of trading. You will be able to practice as well as learn. At Banco FX, we still provide micro accounts that allow our new clients to trade in 1000 units' lot sizes. This offering come in hand with the lowered contact sizes. This type of account is best suited to those investors who are newbie in the forex market and prefer to trade in smaller volumes. FinPro Trading Micro account. Binary Options 78 Signals Uk American Stock Exchange Lists Online Share Trading Us It has been suggested that List of stock exchange opening times be merged into this article. Lists of stock exchanges Our unique market model combines cutting-edge technology with human insight. Looking at companies listed on NYSE MKT, the New York Stock Exchange's. AMEX Composite - composite value of all of the stocks traded on the American Stock Exchange.