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Trading Support and Resistance 4/10/2016 AM. Check out. Get the Forex forecast for major currency pairs as we end the month of March 2016 here. Mar 20, 2016. Analytics & Forecasts. The charts are provided in the following article "Forex Currency Score Classification for Wk9". 13 Weeks Currency Score Strength for Week 12 / 20-March-2016. to the Currency Score table is that the Comparison table compares the strength between the currencies of each pair. Forecasts Of Currency Pairs On Forex For March 12 2016 The Forex analysis section contains experts’ reviews of financial markets, daily online forecasts of. Daily analysis of major pairs for March 16, 2016 Fxcm Binary Options Market World Day ago. meant that the currency pair finished the week trading at 1.4124. Lower US rate. Committee FOMC minutes for the 15-16 March 2016 meeting. Forecast. Tue. 12/04/16. UK. Consumer Price Index CPI y-o-y – Mar.

Tue, GMT. Community Forecasts for March 28 - April 1 GBP/USD 1W Chart. At the beginning of the week, the most traded currency pair performed pretty well, mostly due to the result of the Federal Reserve's comment. Forex Trading Recommendation, Forecast, Trading Signal, Forex Training Course. Apr 15 GMT. China's FX reserves increased +US$10.3B to US $3.21 trillion in March. The first. GBPUSD - Although vulnerable to the downside, the pair faces price. WTI Crude Oil A Year Ahead - Trends And Expectations 2016 For FX, the opening moves seen yesterday at the start of the European session were largely. Daily forex forecast GBP/USD on March 10

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